SmoothLAN Network filter

The SmoothLAN is designed to enhance your Hi-Fi experience by reducing noise and interference from your network. This device focuses specifically on the network input to your Hi-Fi system, effectively cutting down crosstalk and other disturbances, leading to clearer, higher-quality audio streaming.

Built with advanced technology, the SmoothLAN ensures better timing and less noise in your digital audio. We’re confident in the performance of our SmoothLAN and all Stack Audio products, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try it out, and if you’re not satisfied with the improvement it brings to your system, you can return it for a full refund.

One week lead time advised due to extremely high demand.
  • Precision-machined aluminium enclosure with shielded compartments, ensuring each circuit is isolated from others and protected from external interference.
  • Optimized grounding to minimize crosstalk. Each circuit on the PCB is surrounded by copper grounded to the case. This creates an effective shield against interference and ensures return currents do not interfere with neighbouring circuits.
  • Discrete, compartmentalized design ensures optimum signal integrity.
  • EMI absorbing materials embedded inside the pocket further neutralize noise reflections from the components.
  • Designed specifically for use with music streamers and capable of handling data speeds up to 100Mbps.
  • Shielded, OFC cable included.
  • Available in black or silver.
  • Made and designed in the UK.
  • Covered by our 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Follow these stages:

  1. Power down the device that will be connected to the network via the filter.
  2. Unplug the Ethernet cable from your device’s network port.
  3. Insert the unplugged Ethernet cable into one of the ports on the SmoothLAN Network Filter.
  4. Take the additional Ethernet cable provided with the filter and connect one end to the second port on the filter.
  5. Connect the other end of the additional cable back into the network port of your streaming device.
  6. Power up your device, and it should now be properly connected through the SmoothLAN Network Filter.
Mark K. - UK

“OK, the SmoothLAN filter is fantastic. The difference it makes is night and day. Internet radio has come alive. Vocals are crystal clear, midrange is definitely improved. As for bass, hold on to a seat. WOW. Reggae radio stations are fabulous sounding. SmoothLAN is an absolute winner. Radio stations sound bad enough, the SmoothLAN just sorts it all out wonderfully. 100% recommended. Octave radio sounds proper audiophile sound quality. The short fly lead could be a lot more flexible which is my only negative. Buy one with confidence. What a difference!”

Kelvin C. - USA

“I love the SmoothLAN. I thought I’d have to do some A/B listening to appreciate it. Not so much. Immediately noticed more 3D in the high end, and a notable increase in instrumental separation and body. One ore step towards the LP12 sound from digital! Not too subtle, actually. You  guys are doing tweaks are 1/5 of the price of others with similar or better results!”

David F. - UK

“The SmoothLAN arrived on Friday. I LOVED it! I could hear a significant difference with the SmoothLAN in my chain, without a doubt the best my system has sounded. I could hear much more transparency, the music sounded so clean, no fatigue while listening for a few hours… the music just sounded so much more natural and easy to listen to. You folks have created a gem, kudos.”

Colin H. - UK

“Just a note to confirm that I have received smooth lan. It’s been installed into the Ethernet input in my recently aquired melco library streamer. I also had fibre broadband installed last week.

So my system is a little disturbed at the moment. I also want to let the smooth lan bed in. My link is also out of the mix at the moment as I mentioned, something I need to sort out.
When you make changes you get alterations in the sound, they may not all be in the right direction. So before I added the lan smoother I could hear vocal sibilance on a couple of tracks that I play regularly. On balance it was something I accepted as a trade off for the more pinpoint three dimensional sound image.
The problem track was the first I played. The vocal sibilance had disappeared! So I am delighted. So only positive improvements noticed at the moment. I will give it some time to bed in before I give it a more considered focused impression.”


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