Stack Audio started in 2013 when Theo Stack began the development of an audiophile music streamer, the ONSET. Theo is a self-taught mechanical engineer with a deep passion for music. Based in Bovey Tracey, Devon, Stack Audio is an audio company that designs, develops and manufactures its products here in the UK.


From the outset, a focus on the source has been the foundation for everything Stack Audio does.

In pure audio terms, focus on the source is about producing the purest musical signal free from interference at the start of replay. DACs, phono stages, amplifiers, speakers and headphones all sound better fed with a clean signal. Focusing on the source removes the need for excessive filtering ensuring no noise cascades down the system. It also means ensuring acoustic energy is not fed back into the system and electrical circuits, so that you hear the music signal just as the producers intended.

Concentrating on source equipment means we stay focused one of the essential elements of hi-fi music replay. We believe high-end hi-fi doesn’t have to come with high prices. Stack Audio products are designed to work well in all systems.


2013-17: Digital - ONSET

The ONSET was an early high-end network streamer designed to work with external DACs. Ahead of its time, the ONSET laid the foundation for ‘Focus on the Source’, with an uncompromising approach to producing a simple, clean digital signal. The ONSET utilised a high-quality linear power supply, kept separate from the sensitive digital circuits. This has had a profound influence on subsequent Stack Audio products.

2018: Analogue - SERENE

Applying the principles of a pure, clean source to analogue replay we focused on the record turntable. Rather than designing a new deck from scratch, Stack Audio focused its efforts on a series of upgrades for one the longest lasting and most loved of all British record players, the LP12. The majority of LP12s in use were made in the 1970s and 80s. Our SERENE upgrades are influenced by passionate enthusiasts who love the sound of their LP12s, providing them with the opportunity to add precision, rigidity and detail better suited to modern and revealing hi-fi systems.

2021: Expansion - SERENE II

The SERENE upgrades have gone through continuous development, always focused on the goal of dissipating vibration and ensuring the signal generated by the cartridge is as clean and pure as possible to be fed to the phono-stage. SERENE is now in its 2nd generation with 3 levels – Tenor, Alto and the new Soprano flagship range.
Link Mouth Shot_1280x1400-1

2019: LINK

The follow up to the ONSET, the LINK was embodied the same machined from solid design in a smaller and form. For the digital circuitry and internal power supply, Stack Audio partnered with renown audio engineer John Westlake. John’s approach to preventing jitter and digital noise fitted perfectly with focus on the source.

2021: Refinement - LINK II

Never one to rest on laurels, John Westlake has refined the design of the LINK with an improved clock. Taking the approach further Stack Audio now sells the LINK II with its own external linear power supply, the VOLT

2021: Power - VOLT

Everything starts with power. Having designed an external linear power supply for the LINK, Stack Audio is expanding the range to offer linear power supplies for other source components. The VOLT’s internal design is by Phil Balaam of Nytech Audio who has worked closely with Stack Audio and utilises high quality audio grade components all housed in an aluminium case.

High current VOLT case & internals

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