Removing the vibrations, revealing the music

Stack Audio is a British manufacturer of award winning HiFi equipment designed and built without compromise. Our company mission is to remove masking vibrations, leaving only the pure undistorted music we love to hear.


Speaker isolators without

The AUVAs have been conceived with one goal in mind, to help your loudspeakers perform to their absolute best. They are designed to hold loudspeakers rigidly whilst simultaneously absorbing vibration. They combine the best qualities of both spikes and isolators – without compromising on either vibration absorption or rigidity.


Silence the noise

The AUVA EQ is a unique system isolator that combines two vibration-absorbing technologies working in tandem for superior equipment isolation. Designed to be compatible with most Hi-Fi electronics, the AUVA EQ effectively removes negative vibrations, revealing more detail and texture in your music and providing an enhanced listening experience.


For pure musical streaming

The SmoothLAN is a network filter that sits in between your Hi-Fi and network. Its purpose is to remove noise and interference to enhance digital signal and eliminate a potential source for parasitic noise entering sensitive Hi-Fi.

The latest from Stack Audio

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