We have now launched the AUVA EQs & AUVA 50s.

Building on the success of our award-winning AUVA loudspeaker isolators, Stack Audio is pleased to introduce its latest developments in the Isolation market: the AUVA equipment Isolators and the AUVA 50s.


The AUVA EQ is a system isolator like no other, combining two vibration absorbing technologies working in tandem for the highest level of equipment isolation: AUVA and CSA. AUVA is the Particle Impact Damping technology developed for our loudspeaker isolators. CSA stands for Custom Silicone Absorber – a new purpose-designed deformable suspension that provides Compliant Damping. Read more.


The AUVA 50 is the newest addition to our Loudspeaker Isolator range. Compact yet powerful, the AUVA 50 incorporates the same groundbreaking AUVA particle impact-dampening technology featured in our award-winning 70 and 100 isolators.

Maintaining our commitment to high standards, the AUVA 50 offers a precise and rigid foundation for both stand-mount and floor-standing speakers. With two particle-filled cells, this isolator excels in effectively dissipating vibrations, ensuring an enhanced music-listening experience. Read more.

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