Find the appropriate thread adapter size for your speakers from our range of standard and custom options

With the AUVA isolators, you have the flexibility to select from one of the four most commonly used thread adapters, which are compatible with a majority of speakers (M6-1.0, M8-1.25,M10-1.5). Additionally, we offer a diverse range of alternative thread sizes, which are available upon request. Some of these sizes are custom-made at no additional cost to match your specific speaker model.

Speaker manufacturer thread size

Before placing an order, it’s important to verify the thread compatibility of your speaker spikes by consulting the manual and possibly checking the original manufacturer specifications, as the design of speaker stands may have been altered.

Acoustic Energy – M8

Acoustic Research – M6

ADAM Audio – 1/4″-20

Aerial Acoustics – 1/4″-20

ALR/Jordan – M8

Amphion – M6

Apertura – M8

Apogee Speakers – 5/16″-18

AR – M6

Atacama – M6

ATC – M5

ATC SCM150 ASL Tower – M8

Athena – M6

Audio Physic – M8

Audio Pro – M6

Audio Vector M3 – M6

Audio Vector S6 – M8

Avantgarde – M8, M10

Balanced Audio Tech (BAT) – 1/4″-20

B&W – M6, M8, M10 (Different adapters might be required)

Boltz-USA – 5/16″-18

Boston Acoustics – 1/4″-20

Bryston – 1/4″-20

Canton – M6

Caravelle – 1/4″-20

Cary Audio – CAD805 – 6-32

Cary Audio – SLI-80 – 6-32

Castle Acoustics – M6, M8

Celestion – M6

Chalio – M6

Coincident – 1/4″-20

Daedalus Da-RMa – 14″-20

Dahlquist – 1/4″-20

Dali – M6, M8, M10

Dali Helicon – M6, M8, M10

Definitive Technology – 1/4″-20

Dynaudio – M8, M10

Dynavoice – M6

Eminent Technology – 1/4″-20

Energy – 1/4″-20, M6

Forsman – M8

Fried – M8

Gale: M6 (6mm)

Gallo: M8 (8mm)

Gradient: M6 (6mm)

Harmonic Precision – 1/4″-20

Heco – M6, M8

Highland Audio – M8

Hyperion – M8

Infinity Alpha – M6

Infinity Kappa – M8

Infinity USA – 1/4″-20

Jamo – M8

JBL – M6, M8

JBL Studio L890 – 5/16″-18

JM Labs – M6, M8

Jordan/ALR – M8

JPW – M8


KEF – M6, M8 (Floor Standing)

KEF Q – M8

Kharma 1.0 – M10

Kinergetics Electronics – 6-32

Klipsch – 1/4″-20, M6


NewForm Research – 1/4″-20

Nexus speaker stands – M6

NHT – 1/4″-20

NSM Loudspeakers – 1/4″-20

Linn Loudspeakers – M8

Mark Levinson – 10-32

Martin Logan – 1/4″-20, 5/16″-18, 3/8″-16

MBL – M6

McIntosh – 1/4″-20

Meridian – M6, M8

Merlin – 1/4″-20

Mirage – 1/4″-20

Mission – M6, M8

M&K Sound – 1/4″-20

M.M. Sound – M6, M8

Monitor Audio – M6

Monitor Audio Studio 50 & 60 – M8


Opera – Consonance – M8


NewForm Research – 1/4″-20

NHT – 1/4″-20

NSM Loudspeakers – 1/4″-20

Paragon – 1/4″-20

Pass Labs – 10-32

Patos Basic – M6

Phase Tech. – 1/4″-20

PMC (PB1i) – M8

Proac – M6, M8

Pro Tech – M8

PSB – 1/4″-20

QLN – M8


Rega – M6, M8

REL – M8

Roland Research – 10-32

Snell – 1/4″-20, 5/16″-18

Sonus Faber – M8

Soundlab – 1/4″-20

Synthesis – 1/4″-20

System Audio – M8

Talon Audio – 3/8″-16

Tannoy – M6, M8

TDL – M6

Thiel – 5/16″-18

Totem – 1/4″-20

Vantage – M8

Vienna Acoustics – M6, M10

Wharfedale – M6

Wilson Beuesch – M8

Wilson Watt/Puppies – 3/8″-16

Send us a photo of your spike so we can advise on the thread size required

Submit a photo of an existing spike/foot that you want to remove from your speaker, along with measurements taken using a ruler or tape measure. The measurements can be in either Metric or Imperial units. In your email, include your name and the make and model of your speaker or component, and send it to for review. Make sure you follow your speaker manufactures instructions on how to safely remove your spikes.

Measure the Thread Pitch: Align a ruler (either metric or imperial) so that it is parallel to the thread, with the ruler positioned at the midpoint of the thread’s height (where it is widest). Take a photo from above, with the thread in focus, and good lighting. 



Measure the Thread Diameter: Place the ruler at the widest point of the thread, aligning it with the end of the thread. If this is not possible, take pictures of the ruler both behind and in front of the thread.

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