Which Software Should I Use?

The LINK II has been designed to work with the best music management software available. Here is some information to help you decide.

  • Roon2
  • Roon1


    Roon is the ultimate music management system incorporating any music you own with high-resolution streaming services. Not only does it bring life back to your favourite music, but it does everything short of bringing your favourite artists to your own home. The team at Roon have taken great care to provide their users with all the fine details about their favourite artists by providing photos, bios, reviews, lyrics and so much more. The LINK II is a certified Roon Ready device.

    Here is an overview of Roon’s key features:

    • Enormously in-depth metadata.
    • Simple, user friendly interface that is graphically rich for ultimate immersion.
    • Powerful library management tools.
    • Seamless TIDAL and Qobuz integration.
    • Particularly reliable.
    • End to end control.
    • Cross platform.
    • Roon radio is excellent at auto suggesting new artists and albums.
    • Internet Radio.


    Roon requires a server/core to be running in the background. This could be a computer/laptop/NUC and some NAS drives (presuming the server meets Roon’s minimum spec requirements).

    Platform Support

    LINK II purchases come with a 60 day Roon trial (Roon also offer a 14 day free trial period on their website).

    For further information visit roonlabs.com

    • Audirvana
    • Audirvana2


      Audirvana is an alternative music management platform that can incorporate audio files you own and high-resolution streaming services such as Qobuz all under one user friendly interface.

      Some of Audirvana’s key features:

      • Excellent TIDAL and Qobuz integration.
      • Great metadata display.
      • Simple and intuitive interface.
      • Cross platform.


      Audirvana requires a PC or Mac to be running in the background (presuming the PC/Mac meet Audirvana’s minimum spec requirements).

      Platform Support

      Audirvana offer a 30 day free trial to all new customers.

      For further information visit audirvana.com

      • Bubble1
      • Bubble2


        BubbleUPnP is arguably the most popular UPnP control app for android and for good reason. Its interface is simple and intuitive, whilst offering the use of internet radio. Unlike some of the more demanding software programs, it does not require a PC to act as a server/core for your music.

        Some of BubbleUPnP’s key features:

        • Incredibly in-depth metadata.
        • Simple and intuitive user interface
        • Excellent TIDAL and Qobuz integration.


        BubbleUPnP does not require a server (PC etc.) to play audio, it streams directly from streaming services and locally stored files. Consequently, so long as you have an internet connection you don’t need a PC/laptop to run Bubble UPnP. All you need is an internet connection, a LINK II and the BubbleUPnP app.

        You can download this app from the Play Store without cost and there is the option to pay to remove advertising from the app, should you choose to continue to use it.

        This program is eligible for Stack Audio’s cashback scheme. Click here for more information.

        Platform Support

        For further information visit: Google Play


        Squeezelite is a powerful and reliable interface that works with Logitech’s Media Server.  This program is no longer supported by Logitech but has a large open source support network amongst its userbase. This is a brilliant program but if you are new to the audio streaming scene, we would recommend an alternative until such time as you become more au fait with these kinds of programs.

        Some of Squeezelite’s key features:

        • Great for local music playback.
        • Extremely reliable.
        • Numerous plugins such as live radio.


        Squeezelite is extremely reliable, responsive and powerful. Out of all the suggested control apps it is the fiddliest and requires a degree of technical competence and the UI is a little dated. Qobuz is not officially supported. If you use Qobuz we would advise avoiding Squeezelite. Squeezelite is supported and maintained by a truly amazing open source community.

        You will require a PC to install Logitech Media Server (this is free to download) before you can make use of Squeezelite.

        Platform Support

        For more information on Orange Squeeze (for Android) visit: Google Play

        For more information on iPeng (for iOS) visit: App Store

        Spotify Connect

        The stackOS works with Spotify Connect, this is a feature of Spotify’s streaming control app. You can stream music from the Spotify app directly to the LINK II. Most of us are very familiar with Spotify’s layout and there is no denying how intuitive it is to use.

        Some key feature’s Spotify has to offer:

        • Simple and intuitive user interface.
        • A vast library of music at your fingertips.
        • Spotify Radio (creates playlists based on artists, genres etc.)


        Spotify does not currently offer a high-resolution music service compared to some of its competitors. They do offer a free Spotify service; however, you must own a Spotify Premium membership to make use of Spotify Connect.

        Spotify does not require a PC to be used and can be streamed straight from devices such as tablets and phones.

        Platform Support

        (can also be accessed through some web browsers).

        For further information visit: www.spotify.com


        AirPlay is a program that many of our users will know and love. Although the LINK II is not AirPlay certified, it is fully compatible and can be used by directly syncing with the Apple products used by our customers, allowing them to cast their music through the LINK II and enjoy all the benefits that brings.

        Some AirPlay key features:

        • User friendly and well supported software.
        • Very reliable.
        • Apple Music integration.


        As AirPlay is essentially a casting service, it does not require a PC to be used and you can stream with a vast array of different Apple products. By proxy, it is only compatible with Apple products.

        Platform Support

        For more information visit: Airplay

        Other Software

        The beauty of the LINK II is that we have allowed for our more advanced users to install certain third party operating systems, if they wish to do so. Although the stackOS has been designed to optimise the performance, allowing our users to install these operating systems lets them get the best of what they want, out of the hardware.

        This will allow for use of the HDMI output, for those who wish to play their audio more visually on a screen. Although Stack Audio are actively working on HDD (USB input) capabilities for the new stackOS, installing a third party OS can enable this feature.

        At Stack Audio, we understand that some of our customers make use of the HDMI output/USB input and will wish to continue to use these functions. Please click here to learn how to flash the LINK II with other operating systems (such as Volumio, Moodie etc.) which will enable these functions.


        As mentioned above, we only recommend playing with the idea of other operating systems if you are confident in your abilities to do so. This is not something Stack Audio recommends to customers, especially to those who are new to digital streamers.

        Please note that by flashing the LINK II with other operating systems, this will remove the driver for the WiFi and will only be usable via Ethernet.

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