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    Series of upgrades for Linn owners. Enhance the organic sound of your LP12, whatever the model, whatever the age.

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Unmask the LP12

The SERENE LP12 upgrades are designed to enhance the sound of the iconic turntable, not change it.

LP12s are highly musical and vivid. Yet by removing masking vibrations and colourations you can hear so much more music and emotion.

You hear more detail, more focus and a bigger soundstage. It’s easier to follow the tune. Simply put, more musicality.

Superior Materials

Stack Audio has engineered components for the LP12 that are strong, durable and dissipate vibration. We make use of materials and techniques unique to us:

  • Solid Surface: a composite of acrylic polymer, aluminium and minerals, Solid Surface is inert and stable. It resonates less than metal or wood and is denser than acrylic alone
  • AVDC (Advanced Vibration Dissipation Compound): an adhesive lamination film that traps and dissipates vibration
  • All metal components are made from dual layers of machined aluminium or steel in conjunction with AVDC


Top Plates

The most interconnected part of the LP12, subject to internal and external vibrations.

Stack Audio LP12 Top Plates are designed to be rigid and stable whilst dissipating vibration.

They are a dual layer construction with a laminate of AVDC and are precision cut to fit flush to the plinth.

The SERENE LP12 Top Plate is a direct replacement for the standard top plate. 

Engineered to fit precisely it is machined from brushed stainless steel. Twice as thick and much stiffer than the original it’s a major step in clearer and more musical sound.

The two-piece aluminium ULTIMATE FF Top Plate top plate comes with fixed fixings and attaches to the plinth in multiple locations. It is our best ever top plate and a significant audible upgrade over the standard plates. 

Choose from silver or black anodised finish.


The Stack Audio LP12 Baseboards combine sonic improvements with making it simple to keep your LP12 set up to sound its best. Vibration dissipation is the priority with adjustable feet for levelling and easy access to the sub-chassis springs and the arm board. They sit flush with all plinths and are compatible with all internal power supplies and motor positions.

The SERENE Baseboard is constructed from 2 layers of precision cut aluminium, joined together with a layer AVDC for effective vibration dissipation.

With 3 height adjustable turned aluminium and Sorbothane feet, it is a rigid and effective upgrade over standard LP12 base boards.

The ULTIMATE Base Board is machined from high mass Solid Surface for the maximum dissipation of both internal and external vibrations.​ With 3 height adjustable unique 6 layer feet incorporating AVDC, it provides even more sonic improvement over the SERENE baseboard.

Machined from Solid Surface the underside of the SERENE LP12 Arm Board is hollowed out, ensuring perfect centre of gravity and minimal but secure contact with the sub-chassis. Removal of the vibrations ensures the SERENE Arm Board lets your preferred tonearm reveal more detail and more focus.

SERENE LP12 Arm Boards are polished to a high gloss black finish. They are available in 6 standard fittings for Linn, Linn Ittok, Rega, Rega 3, SME, and Naim Aro.

The sub-chassis is the backbone of the LP12. The SERENE LP12 Sub-Chassis is machined from Solid Surface with a honeycomb structure on the underside for maximum strength and dissipation of vibrations.

The SERENE Sub-Chassis can be fitted to any LP12 and all arm boards. However, the combination of the SERENE Sub-Chassis and Arm Board ensures this vital connection is assured over time – they work at their best when paired together.

The SERENE LP12 cross-brace is a new design from Stack Audio, compatible with Valhalla, Hercules and all Lingo power supplies.

It comprises two machined stainless-steel plates bonded with a layer of AVDC lamination to trap vibration and turn it into heat. The SERENE cross-brace stiffens the plinth as well as isolating the oscillators on the power supply from vibration, helping to ensure accurate control of motor timing.


 Platform SetStructure SetFull SetULTIMATE Structure SetULTIMATE Full Set
SERENE Top Plate   
ULTIMATE Top Plate   
SERENE Baseboard   
ULTIMATE Baseboard   
Arm Board  
Cross Brace 

The SERENE Platform Set is the first step in enhancing your LP12. Contains the SERENE Sub-Chassis, Arm Board and Cross-brace.

The SERENE Structure Set enhances the rigidity and vibration isolation of your LP12. Contains the SERENE Top Plate, Base Board and Cross-brace.

The SERENE Full Set represents is an extensive overhaul of your LP12 combining the Platform and Structure Sets. Contains the SERENE Top Plate, Base Board, Sub-Chassis, Arm Board and Cross-brace.

The ULTIMATE Structure Set takes the rigidity and vibration isolation of your LP12 to a new level. Contains the ULTIMATE FF Top Plate, UTIMATE Base Board and Cross-brace.

The ULTIMATE Full Set represents our highest level of musical enhancements for your LP12. Contains the ULTIMATE FF Top Plate, ULTIMATE Base Board, Sub-Chassis, Arm Board and Cross-brace.

Removing masking vibrations and colourations you hear more detail, more focus and a bigger soundstage.

I brought my LP12 because I like the way it sounds. I don’t want to change the character so why should I go for the Stack Audio upgrades?
Our customers frequently tell us that the SERENE upgrades retains the same tonality, yet they hear much more detail. This was our core goal – the iconic LP12 sound with more transparency.
The 90-day money back guarantee is great, but I can’t hear the upgrades before I install them. How can I try before I buy?
Yes, installing the upgrades is time consuming especially if you decide afterwards to remove them and reinstall the original parts. In the UK some of our dealers have demonstration systems. On this website we try to describe the sound through independent reviews and customer testimonials. An easy way to sample the upgrades is to buy one of our baseboards. It is very simple to install and gives you an insight into the sound and benefits of the all upgrades. The way they work is the same for each component so you get cumulative benefits as you fit more.
I have no authorised installer near me, what shall I do?
Send us an email with your post code; have a database of experts who have worked with hundreds of LP12s. It may be that we can arrange help from another dealer near to you.
Your upgrades are cheaper than the top end Linn upgrades, yet you claim similar or better performance. How is this possible?
As consumers we are often led to associate high prices with high performance. In pure engineering terms this doesn’t have to be this way. No compromises are made on our parts. All our parts are manufactured in the UK to tight tolerances by a few experienced and trusted suppliers. Stack Audio is a small business with low overheads and marketing expenditure and an efficient in-house design & engineering process.

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