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5 Years of Serenity

Over the past 5 years Stack Audio has been developing and selling upgrades for the iconic LP12 turntable – our acclaimed SERENE range.

SERENE II starts a new chapter for Stack Audio following an extensive two-year development programme. With SERENE II we have raised the bar with a new and expanded range of upgrades focussed on retrieving even more musical detail from the LP12. 


The new Serene upgrades are manufactured to the tightest tolerances, using the latest in machining technology operated by experienced technicians here in the UK.  Everything that happens when a record is spinning is happening at micron level, which means precision is paramount.

Precision is key to the performance of the LP12 which is why the new Serene upgrades are machined to the tightest tolerance.

It is crucial to keep in mind that all musical vibration information from a vinyl disc is at a micron level (a one millionth of a metre). Every stage of the engineering process must take into account that the slightest change in tolerance can affect the sonic outcome.

An example of this in practice is the relationship between the arm board and sub-chassis. These two components must be perfectly flat otherwise it can drastically affect how the stylus tracks the groove in the record.

Through the use of extreme tolerances, the new Serene upgrades enable the stylus and bearing to perform at their best revealing a level of musicality that was previously masked.


In a turntable, the rigidity and structural strength of each component is fundamental in obtaining a true analogue representation of your music. Using high grade machined aluminium with our unique honeycomb design of varying pocket depths, the Serene upgrades are rigid and perfectly weighted.

The LP12 is a suspension-based system where a correct centre of gravity is crucial to its performance. This governs the maximum weight and centre of balance for components such as the armboard and sub-chassis.

How do we make the structure as rigid as possible to maintain accuracy, whilst maintaining the correct centre of balance? At Stack Audio we drew inspiration from the natural world, with a hexagonal structure being the clear choice.

Hexagonal patterns are prevalent in nature due to their efficiency in providing a perfectly rigid structure that is tightly packed, using less material and therefore reducing the overall weight. 

What does this mean for the LP12? Well, carefully designed, the hexagon provides maximum rigidity whilst maintaining the crucial centre of mass and balance the LP12 requires.

However, with such a rigid and lightweight construction the energy must go somewhere. This is where Stack Audio’s AVDC technology comes in.

The Right Vibrations

We studied how different vibration frequencies effect the LP12 creating many of the characteristics that are loved by many. Our goal was to keep the character whilst enhancing the performance by the careful removal of masking vibrations.

An equal removal of masking vibrations really is the key here. Upset the harmonic relationship of each component of the turntable system and it will not sound like an LP12.

We decided to remove vibration evenly over a wide frequency range to maintain the LP12’s character. Removing more masking vibrations from a specific range can drastically change the characteristics and overall feel of the LP12, something we wanted to avoid.

Energy can never disappear and can only be transferred – or dissipated as it is called. Therefore, managing vibration in an LP12 means you need to dissipate the vibration as quickly as possible without dampening to the point where musicality is lost.

The use of AVDC (Advanced Vibration Dissipation Compound) in precisely engineered inserts throughout the structure provided the balance we needed in not allowing masking vibrations to echo throughout but equally not over dampening. Resulting in enhanced characteristics such as a deeper, sharper bass and a more coherent sound stage, whilst retaining the core sound of the LP12.

What is AVDC?

Advanced Vibration Dissipation Compound (or AVDC) is a material that works as a vibration trap that dissipates vibration energy as heat. Achieving the dissipation of vibration as quickly as possible is key.

The longer it takes for vibrations to be dampened, the more they will echo throughout the structure of the LP12. For this very reason, Stack Audio uses a specialist compound to absorb these vibrations.

When put into practice on a turntable, this provides the Serene components with the fast-acting vibration management it needs by trapping both internal and external vibrations.

The use of the individual hexagonal AVDC inserts provides the perfect balance resulting in a more natural sound to the music.


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Choose from the Tenor, Alto or Soprano ranges to hear more music in each record you spin.








Reveal even more musical detail from your LP12 with the new isolation platform from Stack Audio.

The Making of SERENE

I brought my LP12 because I like the way it sounds. I don’t want to change the character so why should I go for the Stack Audio upgrades?
Our customers frequently tell us that the SERENE upgrades retains the same tonality, yet they hear much more detail. This was our core goal – the iconic LP12 sound with more transparency.
The 90-day money back guarantee is great, but I can’t hear the upgrades before I install them. How can I try before I buy?
Yes, installing the upgrades is time consuming especially if you decide afterwards to remove them and reinstall the original parts. In the UK some of our dealers have demonstration systems. On this website we try to describe the sound through independent reviews and customer testimonials. An easy way to sample the upgrades is to buy one of our baseboards. It is very simple to install and gives you an insight into the sound and benefits of the all upgrades. The way they work is the same for each component so you get cumulative benefits as you fit more.
I have no authorised installer near me, what shall I do?
Send us an email with your post code; have a database of experts who have worked with hundreds of LP12s. It may be that we can arrange help from another dealer near to you.


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