Enhance the sound you love

SERENE upgrades complement the renowned virtues of the LP12. They add clarity, silence and nuance to the rhythm and timing. Our focus is to elevate any LP12 to perform in a way not heard before. The same character, the same beat, the same groove. More music, more realism, more emotion.

The SERENE difference

The LP12 has benefited from significant developments over the past 50 years with new power supplies, motors, bearings, and tonearms lifting its performance. Upgrading these components is a well-worn path to improving LP12s of all ages.

Often overlooked are the structure and platform components that support these parts, which require equal attention. SERENE upgrades address these vital components, ensuring you are getting the very best performance out of your deck.

The Technology Behind SERENE


Particle Impact Dampening

AUVA is our patent pending technology that integrates a phenomenon called particle impact damping. This quickly transforms vibration energy into heat through friction and collision between particles, dissipating energy quickly and efficiently.


Vibration Dissipation Compound

AVDC stands for Advanced Vibration Dissipation Compound and is a form of energy dissipation. This converts micro vibrations that colour and mask musical signal into heat near-instantly, avoiding the smearing effects of over-damping.


Precision, Rigidity and Shape

Precision, rigidity and shape are absolutely integral in our product design and manufacture. Vibration takes the path of least resistance, and the shape and rigidity of components directly influence the flow of vibration.


The Soprano range is the upper echelon of Stack Audio upgrades. It can be used as the basis of a bespoke deck or to enhance an existing LP12. Machined from solid aluminium and using a combination of advanced hexagon cell and AVDC technology; it is designed to provide the ultimate level of precision, rigidity, and vibration dissipation to take your music listening experience to the next level and invoke higher levels of emotion from your favourite records.



Alto combines extreme precision and vibration dissipation with the flexibility of using your existing plinth. Machined from solid aluminium with rigid hexagon cells, and AVDC technology throughout, Alto aims to reveal extraordinary levels of detail trapped within your record. The same character, the same beat, the same groove. More music, more realism, more emotion.

Press reviews

“I noticed during extended conga playing, the extra air and space around the instrument which aided reverb and enhanced the personality of the instrument. On the Stack Linn, both guitar on the Shankar LP and brass on the Fitzgerald track lost that clinical and claustrophobic upper mid effect at higher volumes. And the higher the […]

“The Serene parts are designed to absorb vibrations and the effect was subtractive, not additive. The noise floor had dropped. The attack of notes became more precise and the decay extended longer in time and was more evident on notes that were deeper in frequency. More room tone or ambient information became evident on recordings […]

“Within a few short minutes I felt that I had moved into a much more grown up world of sound. The bare LP12 had acquitted itself well, but the Serene-equipped one had a much more solid, three dimensional sound signature. Crucially it drew me into the music far more than the standard one.”

Customer reviews

“I have finished rebuilding my LP12 and it includes an Alto Sub-Chassis, Cross-Brace and Serene arm-board. The results are amazing. I have to say my wife and I run a precision engineering company in Southampton and specialised in machining aluminium and titanium. So I think l am a good judge of your products and they […]

“I had previously upgraded my LP12 with a Serene top-plate, Cross-Brace and Ultimate Baseboard, and was very impressed with the improvement in sonics, but nothing could have prepared me for the depth of improvement that the new Alto chassis and Arm-board have brought to my LP12, originally fitted with a Majik chassis and Karousel bearing.” […]

“I hit a Jackpot with Serene Alto full set, cleaner sound, love the bass, vocals, staging and many more. I am not good at describing the sound in words, but very highly and commanding sound combinations. Love it all, never had I thought of getting these results from my set up.” 1) I’ve been a […]

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