Tenor Full Set

Tenor Full Set

The Tenor Full Set is a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to make a significant upgrade to a classic LP12. The Tenor upgrades strengthen the structural rigidity of the LP12 and provide a solid platform for the bearing and arm & cartridge, significantly reducing masking vibrations to unveil more musicality from your LP12.

The individual components are compatible with the Alto and Soprano ranges should you wish continue to upgrade your deck further in the future.

We would be happy to arrange a phone call to help talk you through your various options and the upgrade process. Click here to schedule a call.


All Tenor LP12 upgrades in a bundle package

90 day money back guarantee

  • Tenor set comprises: Top Plate, Sub-chassis, Armboard, Cross-brace and Baseboard
  • All Tenor components are precision made
  • The Tenor Top Plate, Sub-chassis and Baseboard incorporate AVDC technology to trap unwanted, masking vibrations that echo throughout the LP12
  • Tenor components are interchangeable with the appropriate Alto and Soprano upgrades
  • Comes with all necessary fixings
  • Compatible with all existing LP12s
  • Serene Belt included with Tenor Full Set purchase
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