The Stack Audio AUVA 70 is a speaker isolator that uses our patent pending AUVA technology to improve the clarity and timing of musical notes by holding your loudspeakers securely and dissipating vibrations before they reach the floor. Designed to be used on both hard floors and carpets, it attaches to the speaker via the supplied threaded adapters. Suitable for both stand-mount and floor-standing speakers, the AUVA 70 enhances your listening experience by removing unwanted vibration, revealing more timbre and texture in your music.
  • 4 x AUVA 70
  • 4 x M8 thumb nuts
  • 4 x Thumb nuts (thread size specific)
  • 4 x Fixing adapters (thread size specific)
  • 12 x Carpet spike or 4 x Felt disks for hard floors
  • Choice between 15mm or 25mm spikes to accommodate for carpet thickness.
All AUVA products are covered by our 30-day money-back guaranteeIf you are not impressed by the sonic enhancement provided – we will arrange collection and a full refund. All European orders now ship from our warehouse in the Netherlands to avoid import duties. Country-specific VAT will be automatically placed on your order. We are currently predicting a 1-2 day dispatch time on the AUVA 70s. Please consult installation PDF below for important information on the AUVA Isolators. Useful duty and shipping information can be found here.  
  • Diameter: 70mm(2.75 Inches); Height: 30mm(1.18 Inches); Weight per isolator: 370g nominal w/o spikes and bolt
  • Works with the majority of speakers
  • Three tuned AUVA cells for broadband vibration absorption
  • Works on both hard floors and carpets
  • Ensures the rigidity and stability of the loudspeaker position, preventing loss of sound stage detail through multi-axis movements
  • Absorbs speaker cabinet vibrations reducing floor radiations that amplify the bass and feed back to hi-fi electronics
  • Helps absorbs room boundary vibrations from reflected soundwaves and prevents them passing back up to the loudspeakers
  • More defined bass, clearer vocals and high notes, and a more distinct sound stage
Rudi H. - Netherlands

“The AUVA’s have arrived and all is installed. I am now listening and enjoying my setup. Already some feedback:

-Packaging and shipping was great;

-Look and feel of the product is supurb! Photo’s do not do them justice;

-Installment is a piece of cake;

-Sound benefit is mind blowing: piano, voice, details, space, bass, drive, placement, blacks, etc. etc.”

Deb G. - UK

“Installed the 4 AUVA 70 on two speakers front only and it completely transformed them. I was not expecting much improvement from replacing only the two fronts from isoacoustics to auva but I was completely mistaken. The Cubes are so revealing that even a small change, good or bad, gets amplified. It projects a firmer image, tighter bass, more definition, better placement of instruments and spacing, more harmonic structures.”

Tim B. - United Kingdom

“The sound is more open and involving all round but the main difference is in the bass. My system sits on a suspended wooden floor and it suffered from unwanted room resonances and very boomy bass, even on spikes. The AUVA’s have transformed the bass response – no resonances and massively improved bass control and tightness. I’m a very happy customer.”

Ron T. - Germany

“With almost every familiar recording I heard since I mounted the AUVA’s, I discovered something new, which is sort of surprising as the system was already quite resolving. The PMC’s are are quite responsive when it comes to changes in the system, possibly not everyone may notice these difference the same way. Good stuff, happy I found it!”

Alan S.- UK

“Let’s get this out of the way

What an amazing product!!!

I thought that my system was performing really well as it stood however these isolators have improved it in every aspect. Stereo imaging is now super wide the whole sound is more open and musical, the bass is better defined and faster less blurred ext . I’m sure you are aware of these improvements when you listen to your system.

Having spent a lot of money on cables and power management which have all made great improvements none of them have provided the improvement and bang for buck that the isolators do.”

Rick B. - Netherlands

“Very impressed with the AUVAs. They preserve all energy and dynamics of the spikes, but without their peakyness. Furthermore, they seem to iron out tiny resonances that mask detail and space. Impressed!”


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8 (2 x Set of 4) 3 (1x Set of 3) 6 (2x Set of 3) 4 (1 x Set of 4) 8 (2 x Set of 4)
Adapter REQ
M8-1.25 1/2"-13 3/8"-16 M10-1.25 M12-1.25 1/4”-20 M6-1.0 M8-1.25 M10-1.5 None of the above or not sure
Spike Selector REQ
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AUVA 70 Speaker Isolator

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