The Making of SERENE

Stack Audio truly prides itself on the fact that all our products are made here in the UK, without compromise. It has taken years through trial and error to find suppliers who share our passion and commitment for quality. Our partners supply medical and aerospace companies where there is zero-tolerance for error. For Stack Audio, quality is at the heart of our business.


SERENE II Alto foot_composite_03_flipped
Precision is Paramount

A lot of work goes into achieving critically tight tolerances. It is not a matter of just putting material in the machine and pressing go. The quality of the machine, the material, and the way its fixed all play a part. Even the humidity of the room. 


The speed in which the machine is run influences the tolerance. We could run each part as quickly as possible to maximise efficiency but at the cost of quality. So we choose to run the parts at the optimal speed for quality.


Decisive Measurements

Ensuring not just one but every part is machined to a tight tolerance is key. Tolerance critical points are inspected to ensure the standard is upheld. 

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