Ted T. – USA

“After several months of tweaking floor standing Tower carpet spikes, DIY slider arrangements and custom wood isolators, I achieved small incremental sonic improvements, but still yearned for a better solution to my home 2-channel system. Recently, I was introduced to a new concept in Speaker Vibration Controls.
The Stack Audio AUVA 50s (w/15mm spikes) totally eclipses my previous speaker’s isolator solutions, offering a full tonal bandwidth balance that leaves Nothing missing on the audio table! Deep authoritative bass, mid base definition (speed, punch and tightness), midrange clarity/liquidity and top end openness/articulation…All with very natural realism and superb holographic 3D presentations (LIVE)! I find once a listening session is started, it is hard for me to shut it down or even skip through any cuts…I Have To Hear All of the Album (and many more)!! With the 50s, all music genre Sings and calls for my full, undivided attention with Jaw Dropping Wows!!
What I’m now Hearing is some really solid improvements! The soundstage has become higher, deeper and wider. There is more air and precise imaging of the musicians and singers in the overall sonic presentation! Bandwidth response is excellent (bass-midrange-treble) and tonal accuracy and timbre realism has gone up several notches. I’m again surprised at improvements in vocal articulation and clarity of diction. The speed of attacks and trailing decays (macro/micro details) are superb. Clarity and emotional involvement in my music library has really hit a consistent and welcoming musical experience!  
My best half, who on Saturday listened to the Auva 50 sonic improvements with Rebecca Pigeon’s “Spanish Harlem”, turned to me and exclaimed, “the clarity of your system is the best I ever heard”!!! Have to agree with her, they are NOT going back! I could go on with all the sonic superlative improvements (focus, separation, transients, details, effortlessness, emotional immersion, timbre, tonality, palpability), but probably have already bored most. So, enough already…I LIKE ‘EM, ALOT! 😍 👌
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