Ted S. – USA

“So my observation is similar to me being 55 and looking back at computer games I played in the 90s.

When I look back at some of those games on Youtube I think  to myself that what I am seeing on Youtube is nothing like what I remember from when I played the game all those years ago. I remember the game being so much more vivid and real than the pixelated image I am seeing on Youtube.

I believe what is happening is the effect or power of the mind to fill in the gaps of the pixelated image and reality. Our minds are that powerful. But that takes energy and work in the mind. Something that I had much more reserves of when I was much younger. As I aged I noticed that expending that same energy today tires me more than it used to.

Listening to my system at night, critically or with intent, has led to some nights in me becoming tired after a while of listening. Some nights are worse than others. I believe, in my case, some of the cause is my mind working to fill in the gaps of the music my system is producing with that of how I hear things in nature or around me.  My mind is working to decipher what instrument is being played or what that artist’s voice sounds like.

After I installed the EQs under my DAC the magic and effect was immediate and undeniable. All the descriptors that Hans Beekhuyzen used are there. But what I personally found different was a relaxing of my brain. I was listening to the music instead of analyzing the music. I believe my mind didn’t have to work as hard to add in the transients and multi-layering of the human voices and instruments being played. The plucking of a string had all the extra details that the brain knows are there in reality but I wasn’t hearing in my recordings on my system as easily.

This effect is much like the improved graphics of computer games and the use of shading and reflections in games. You see the beauty in the newer games but the other effect is your mind doesn’t have to work to fill in the blanks between what you are seeing on screen and reality. You can then spend more energy immersed and enjoying what you are seeing or hearing.

I feel that is the effect I am experiencing with the EQs. Everyone is different and everyone’s brains work somewhat differently. I have a friend who honestly can’t tell the difference between a basic MP3 and a High Res file.

I look very much forward to ordering more of your devices in the future!!!”

Find out more information about our AUVA EQs here: https://stackaudio.co.uk/auvaeq/ 

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