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SERENE upgrades complement the renowned virtues of the LP12. They add clarity, silence and nuance to the rhythm and timing. Our focus is to elevate any LP12 to perform in a way not heard before. The same character, the same beat, the same groove. More music, more realism, more emotion.

The SERENE difference

The LP12 has benefited from significant developments over the past 50 years with new power supplies, motors, bearings, and tonearms lifting its performance. Upgrading these components is a well-worn path to improving LP12s of all ages.

Often overlooked are the structure and platform components that support these parts, which require equal attention. SERENE upgrades address these vital components, ensuring you are getting the very best performance out of your deck.

Discover the engineering
behind the sound


The Soprano range is the upper echelon of Stack Audio upgrades. It can be used as the basis of a bespoke deck or to enhance an existing LP12. Machined from solid aluminium and using a combination of advanced hexagon cell and AVDC technology; it is designed to provide the ultimate level of precision, rigidity, and vibration dissipation to take your music listening experience to the next level and invoke higher levels of emotion from your favourite records.



Alto combines extreme precision and vibration dissipation with the flexibility of using your existing plinth. Machined from solid aluminium with rigid hexagon cells, and AVDC technology throughout, Alto aims to reveal extraordinary levels of detail trapped within your record. The same character, the same beat, the same groove. More music, more realism, more emotion.


Tenor is a perfect entry level option for owners wanting to upgrade their LP12. It maintains the benefits of rigidity, precision, and vibration dissipation of SERENE but at an excellent value proposition. The Tenor upgrades strengthen the structural rigidity of the LP12 and provide a solid platform for the bearing, arm & cartridge, significantly reducing masking vibrations to unveil more musicality from your LP12.

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