SERENE Cross Brace for LP12

The standard cross brace on the LP12 is constructed from 1.5mm steel. Its purpose is to stiffen up the plinth and support the internal power supply where one is fitted.

Stack Audio wanted to reinvent the cross brace for the SERENE LP12 upgrades. We realised how this ostensibly simple part could be designed in a way that improves the sonics of the Sondek. Through the development of our digital streaming technology we understood fundamentally how vibration affects the sound of electronics.

Stack Audio Approach

It is recognised that external turntable power supplies are better than internal ones, but they come at a cost. The Stack Audio SERENE Cross Brace brings much of the isolation benefits of an external power supply to internal power supplies like the Valhalla and Hercules.

The power supply oscillator is especially prone to vibration. If your LP12 has an inboard power supply this is attached to the cross brace. The oscillator is subject to micro vibrations transmitted from the motor, spindle and external sources.

An oscillator works by creating an electrical timing reference. The quartz crystal in the circuit mechanically vibrates as a resonator and its frequency of vibration determines the oscillation frequency. Any external vibration can alter the set frequency signal affecting the timing precision of an LP12.

Having a stable and clean power supply for the motor is critical to the operation and sound of the LP12. Absolute speed consistency is important in maintaining pitch and amplitude integrity. The role of the cross brace as the support for internal power supplies has been at the heart of the design of the SERENE LP 12 Cross Brace from Stack Audio

SERENE Cross Brace Design

Total vibration isolation has been achieved through a unique three-step vibration control process:

Step 1: AVDC isolation supports. The SERENE Cross Brace has two rectangular gold anodised tabs which incorporate our AVDC layer in a sandwich construction drastically reducing vibration transmitted from the plinth to the cross brace body

Step 2: The SERENE Cross Brace body is 8mm thick, precision machined from solid surface to further dissipate vibration

Step 3: The power supply is attached via rubber studs that are recessed into the cross brace body as a final layer of protection for the sensitive circuit board and oscillator.

Testimonial from Mike W in USA:

During playback, on both decks the most noticeable difference was "blacker blacks"; not so much more detail as less background grunge competing with detail. This was subtle but noticeable on the newer/pricier deck but stood out on the older one.

Key Features of the Stack Audio SERENE Cross Brace

  1. Three-step vibration control process
    1. AVDC isolation supports
    2. Solid Surface body
    3. Rubber studs
  2. Stiffens the plinth
  3. Easy installation and removal of the power supply via secure fixings (included)
  4. Compatible with Valhalla and Hercules power supplies
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