SERENE Base Board for LP12

The original LP12 base board is made from 3mm hardboard that does nothing to isolate the LP12 from vibration. Its purpose is for safety and to protect the power supply. More recent LP12s feature metal base boards with the more expensive Trampolin version using adjustable feet that are more effective at isolating the turntable from external vibrations.

Stack Audio Approach

Stack Audio took a very different approach to the base board design for the SERENE LP12 upgrades. Instead of using 3mm hardboard or metal we opted for 12mm thick Solid Surface. It has much larger mass and vibration dissipation properties which act to reduce internal vibrations transmitted via the plinth and external vibrations from the rack or shelf.

We also believe that equal care and attention should be paid to the design of the feet which are the primary point of contact with the equipment support and room borne vibration. Ensuring the turntable is absolutely level is critical so height adjustable feet are a necessity

As with all the Stack Audio SERENE components, our aim has been to enhance the sound quality but not change the essential character of the Linn Sondek.

SERENE Base Board Design

Precision machined from Solid Surface, a 12mm thick base board could have altered the slimline aesthetics of the LP12. To avoid this, the SERENE Base Board is recessed to sit flush with the bottom of the plinth and has machined sections to fit around an internal power supply and DC motor positions.

The SERENE Base Board is machined and polished to the same high standard as the SERENE Arm Board, Sub-Chassis and Cross Brace.

Testimonial from Ross B in Wales:

The Base Board improves focus and soundstage and gives a solidity to the sound not heard with the original Linn Trampolin I had on my LP12. Fitting is straightforward enough and once all 12 screws are in it feels really like the plinth and baseboard are all one piece. It's useful having adjustable feet for levelling if needed and the Ultimate feet are excellent and well worth the extra.

Stack Audio Base Board Feet

The SERENE LP12 Base Board is available in two versions: SERENE and ULTIMATE. The difference between the two is the feet. ULTIMATE feet can be retro fitted to any SERENE Base Board supporting subsequent upgrades. Both the SERENE and ULTIMATE feet are precision turned and finished to the same standard using a Sorbothane disk for contact with the support surface. Both are adjustable so that you can perfectly level your LP12. They come in sets of 3.


The SERENE feet are turned from a single piece of machined aluminium with a Sorbothane disc.

Front and underside view of StackAudio LP12 Serene Base Board made from Solid Surface with standard Serene feet


The anodised aluminium ULTIMATE feet include a central wooden disc and 4 layers of Stack Audio’s Advanced Vibration Dissipation Composite (AVDC) in addition to the Sorbothane disc. Combined with the SERENE Base Board this provides the highest level of platform isolation for your LP12

Front and underside view of StackAudio LP12 Serene Base Board made from Solid Surface with 5 layer Ultimate feet

Key Features of the Stack Audio SERENE Base Board

  1. Precision machined in the UK from 12mm Solid Surface
  2. Polished to a satin black finish
  3. Sits flush with the bottom of the plinth
  4. Larger mass reduces both internal and external vibrations
  5. Cut out holes allow for easy access to the springs 
  6. Fittings for 3 height adjustable feet (SERENE or ULTIMATE)
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