Ron W. – USA

Product: AUVA EQs & AUVA 100s

“Over the past two years, I have owned a variety of isolation/coupling devices to include Stillpoints, Symposium Rollerblocks, IsoAcoustics component and Gaia speaker Isolation devices. They all made some positive improvements but they all lacked the speed and initial attack of notes and a sharper image focus that Audio Points Coupling discs and Speaker System provided.

I was quite happy with my AP until I heard about Stack Audio. The moment I replaced my AP with coupling discs to the AUVA EQ, I heard way more low-level detail, texture, more expansive soundstage width/depth and image focus was much tighter with a more impactful midbass and bass presence. Each AUVA EQ added to my DAC and Tube Pre-Amp increased my listening pleasure quite notably..

I also added the AUVA 100 Speaker Isolators a few days ago and to my surprise, they have similar attributes as the EQ; tighter/cleaner midbass/bass, more transparency, ambiance/spatial detail and a laser focused image that you can follow precisely within the soundstage.

These AUVA EQ and Speaker Isolators are the real deal and they are staying where they belong, in my system…”



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