VOLT 18V 1.6A for Stack Audio LINK

The Stack Audio VOLT is an audiophile linear power supply designed to work perfectly with the LINK II’s internal S Power PSU. For existing LINK and LINK IIs it replaces the original supplied external DC adaptor and provides a substantial upgrade.

The audible benefit of a pure, smooth power supply has governed every aspect of the VOLT’s development.

Switch-mode type power supplies can produce high frequency noise that can washback and affect the performance of other components in a hi-fi system.

The VOLT replaces a switch-mode power supply and filters other mains induced noise for a cleaner sound.

The VOLT is a linear design built specifically for high quality audio systems that benefit from smooth, clean, DC supply. The result is tangible, with subtle details and nuances revealed in your music for a more engaging experience.

(LINK/LINK II not included)

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here.
  • UK made precision wound Toroidal transformer
  • High quality Nichicon Audio grade capacitors
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Noise suppression filters on both the output and input signal
  • Precision machined aluminium enclosure
  • Transformer mounted on an isolation plate incorporating AVDC
  • High-quality star-quad geometry connecting cable provides protection against EMI and mains borne interference
  • Oyaide gold plated 2.5mm DC plug
  • OFC Silver Plated internal wiring
  • 100-120V or 120-240v AC 50-60hz
  • Dimensions: HxWxD (mm): 60 x 120 x 200
  • 18V DC x 1.6A
  • Available in black and silver
  • 2 Year Warranty
Svend J. - Denmark

“My expectations were that there would be minor improvements here and there.

But to my surprise everything is better – not by a small factor – but it is a pretty large improvement!
I understand the streamer has some serious filtering and separate voltage regulators and therefore only smaller improvements could be expected – but I was wrong.
First, the S-sound of voices is much more natural. The Bass is deeper and stronger.
The layers in the soundstage are more clearly defined and depth is better.
The tonality is more natural and the sound is more relaxed.
The cost is worth it!”
Adrian M. - Belgium

“I have received the PSU in good order and I can already say it sounds better than the original power supply. The sound is smoother and more fluid now. Before I used to have a slightly boomy bass response with the original supply and that’s gone now, the bass has better control and it’s more precise. Even if the differences are not huge, the new PSU is a very welcome upgrade.”

Colin H - UK

“I can only say how delighted I am with the PSU. Upon receipt I was impressed with the care that had gone into the packing. This was a reflection of the design of both the unit itself and the supplied cables.

My interest was piqued as to what difference the unit could possibly make after the upgrade from my link l to ll, the sound I was now getting was now particularly impressive.

Well I was actually shocked by the difference.

The sound stage was brought into a tighter focus. I had read reports saying my loudspeakers were capable of a three dimensional sound stage which they did to a degree.

Now they are on another level, there is also an additional delicate and subtle refinement to the overall sound.

Music is even more pleasing to listen to.”


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