After many customer requests for an aluminium top plate that fixes to the plinth in multiple locations, we created the ULTIMATE FF Top Plate. It is a significant upgrade over the standard top plate and the only two-piece aluminium LP12 plate available. Choose from silver or black anodised finish.

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The ULTIMATE LP12 Top Plate is precision milled from a billet of aluminium with an inset aluminium layer underneath bonded with AVDC. The aim is the immediate dissipation of vibration – it allows the pure, undistorted, signal from the stylus to be heard.   Machined on both sides to ensure perfect flatness and a lifetime immunity to warping, the ULTIMATE FF Top Plate is 5mm deep and much stiffer than the original. The full surface area is 1mm deep and a 4mm inset frame fits securely against the mounting ledge of the plinth.   There are 6 plinth mountings and both these and the suspension bolts feature are supplied securely fixed in place. The ULTIMATE FF Top Plate provides the most robust alignment of the spring retaining bolts that is fundamental to the long-term performance of the deck
  • Precision machined on both sides from aerospace grade aluminium to 5mm deep
  • AVDC bonding layer for vibration dissipation
  • Fixed spring bolts
  • 6 fixed plinth mounting bolts
  • Supplied with lock nuts and washers
  • Motor switch cut-out
  • Available in silver or black anodised finish
  • Fits all plinths
  • Template supplied for additional bolt mounting hole required through plinth corner brace under motor switch
  • Compatible with AC and DC motors
Replacing the top plate requires a full strip down and re-build of the LP12. This is an opportunity to check the condition of all components and service or upgrade them as necessary. A professional strip and re-build typically takes between 2 and 3 hours. Stack Audio’s approved dealers can carry out this service as well as all trained LP12 service engineers.   SAFETY NOTICE It is essential that you unplug your LP12 from the mains before beginning work. Internal power supplies like the Valhalla carry live high voltages; the on/off switch merely disconnects the motor from the power supply which is still live when connected to the mains.
Adrian M, Brisbane, Australia   The Serene Ultimate Full Set and given me exactly what I wanted – greater detail, clarity and control of the music without any negative effects whatsoever. I particularly enjoy being able to follow vocals, even when buried in the music mix, hearing far more emotion in the phrasing of the lyrics. The soundstage is solid, deep and wide, base notes really are notes – powerful and easy to differentiate. The treble is spectacular – I was listening to Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle on “One From The Heart” and during the first track a coin is dropped, rolls and clatters to the floor – it sounded so metallic and real in 3D space!
As a complete re-build is required this is the best opportunity to consider installing other Stack Audio LP12 upgrades. As the improvements in sound quality are cumulative, we would recommend you consider either ULTIMATE Full Set for the full benefit or the ULTIMATE Structure Set which adds the ULTIMATE Baseboard and Cross-brace.  

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SERENE Top Plate
SERENE Baseboard
ULTIMATE Baseboard
Arm Board
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