Tenor Top Plate (B-Stock)


Tenor Top Plate (B-Stock)

This plate has a minor polishing imperfection and scratch in the highlighted section.

The Tenor Top Plate is a more robust and stiffer replacement for the standard LP12 top plate whilst retaining the traditional stainless-steel look.

Standard LP12 top plates are thin and prone to picking up air-borne and motor vibrations which can feed into the cartridge, distorting music. They are also susceptible to bowing over time throwing the spring bolts out of true. To remedy this, the Tenor Top Plate is a sandwich construction with an aluminium underside making it substantially thicker and stronger. Between the two metal layers is an AVDC insert trapping masking vibrations. All of the top plate fixing bolt heads are hidden under the platter when assembled.

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A B-Stock Stainless-steel top plate with aluminium underside incorporating AVDC technology.


  • Retains the brushed stainless-steel look of the original top plate
  • Added aluminium underside to provide rigidity and prevent bowing over time
  • AVDC insert to trap masking vibrations
  • Oversized centre hole enables the main bearing to be changed without removing the top plate
  • Comes with necessary fixings and is compatible with all existing LP12s
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