Tenor Sub-Chassis

Tenor Sub-Chassis

The Tenor Sub-Chassis is precision machined from a solid billet of aluminium. This is not only stronger than the original folded steel LP12 sub-chassis but flatter and made to tighter tolerances. The Tenor Sub-Chassis incorporates an AVDC insert for fast vibration dissipation, revealing more musical detail.  


Sub-chassis machined from aluminium with  AVDC technology

  • Machined from solid aluminium
  • AVDC insert for trapping masking
  • Tight tolerances ensure a perfect fit with the bearing housing and armboard Compatible with all LP12 bearings (includes adaptor for Karousel & Cirkus upon request), and with Linn and previous generation SERENE arm boards
  • Precision Location Rods included when purchased with the Alto Armboard
  • Comes with necessary fixings and is compatible with all existing LP12s with separate sub-chassis and armboards
Pedro N - Purchased with Tenor Top plate and Alto Armboard


“I put everything together this afternoon and I’ve been listening to my renewed LP12. The sound is much more transparent and I hear instruments that I never noticed before. It’s great, I’m really happy!”

Colin S

“The only Stack Audio component I have is a Tenor Sub-Chassis. It only cost £200 but the quality is superb and it sounds miles better than a Linn steel one. Very highly recommend”

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