Tenor Baseboard B stock


Tenor Baseboard B stock

The performance of the baseboard is exactly the same as new Tenor baseboards. The B stock parts have some scratches or finishing imperfections. The Tenor Baseboard is a rigid and effective upgrade for your LP12, combing sonic improvements with making it easier to keep your deck sounding its best. It is constructed from two layers of precision-cut aluminium joined together by a layer of AVDC for fast-acting vibration dissipation, enhancing musicality.

With 3 height-adjustable feet for precise leveling, the Tenor Baseboard makes setting up your LP12 on its stand or shelf easy.

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Baseboard incorporating AVDC technology


  • Precision-cut aluminium incorporating a layer of AVDC for effective vibration dissipation
  • Access holes for spring height adjustment, arm cable and armboard fixings
  • 3 height-adjustable aluminium and Sorbothane feet
  • Fits flush to the bottom of the plinth.
  • Comes with necessary fixings.
Margaret & Steve Norwood - Purchased with Alto Sub-Chassis, Armboard & Tenor top-plate


“Everything just sounded “right” after installing the Serene II Alto upgrades. There was more insight into the musical intent of the performer/composition. It revived our enjoyment of listening to our LP collection.”

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