Soprano Sub-Chassis

Machined from solid aluminium with our unique honeycomb design and a built-in tonearm collar, this is our ultimate sub-chassis upgrade.

For years, Stack Audio has been requested to make an all-in-one sub-chassis and arm board, so we did just that.

The Soprano Sub-chassis is machined from one solid piece of aluminium keeping those same key tolerances achieved with the Alto Sub-Chassis and Alto Armboard.

The hexagonal pattern is prevalent throughout the structure, making it lightweight but perfectly rigid. Within the hexagonal pockets you will find precision made AVDC inserts for trapping masking vibrations and dissipating them as heat.

Unlike the Alto Armboard, the Soprano has a fixed tonearm collar, encompassing it securely. With a perfect spindle to pivot distance, it allows the needle to follow your records precisely and unmasking their true potential.

The Soprano Sub-chassis comes in both Linn and Linn Ittok arms.

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here. *All SOPRANO products are built to order.

  • Machined at a slow rate from a solid aluminium billet, achieving key tolerances.
  • Critical dimensions are machined in a single operation.
  • Hexagonal structure throughout providing a lightweight and rigid structure.
  • Precision cut AVDC inserts for trapping masking vibrations.
  • All-in-one sub-chassis and armboard design.
  • Fixed tonearm collar, allowing the needle to follow records precisely.
  • Comes in both Linn and Linn Ittok arm mounts.
  • Can be combined with upgrades from Tenor, Alto and Soprano ranges.
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All-in-one aluminium sub-chassis machined to honeycomb design with AVDC technology

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