Soprano Full Set

Soprano is the upper echelon of Stack upgrades, combining our honeycomb design and AVDC technology, it aims to take your LP12 to the highest level yet.

The Soprano Full Set is our ultimate upgrade. It consists of a full range of precisely machined aluminium components. An all-in-one Plinth and Top plate, and an all-in-one Sub-chassis/Armboard provide the highest level of rigidity and alignment for the suspension, bearing and tonearm. The Soprano Baseboard and Crossbrace complete a fully rigid and enclosed structure.

We would be happy to arrange a phone call to help talk you through your various options and the upgrade process. Click here to schedule one.

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here. *All SOPRANO parts are currently built to order, SOPRANO Sub-Chassis is currently unavailable.
  • Soprano set comprises: Combined Plinth and Top Plate, all-in one Sub-chassis and Armboard, Cross-brace and Baseboard
  • All components are machined from aluminium to the tightest tolerances with critical dimensions machined in a single operation
  • All components incorporate our honeycomb design with the hexagonal structure adding further rigidity whilst remaining lightweight
  • All components incorporate AVDC technology
  • Fixed tonearm collar in Linn arm mount with Ittok armrest hole available on request
  • Soprano Plinth available in black or silver. Other finishes available on request
  • Comes with all necessary fixings
  • Serene cross brace included with Soprano Full Set purchase
Alun R. - UK
“The SOPRANO really sings! I had the privilege of hearing a Stack Audio Soprano LP12 for 4 hours yesterday and it sounds superb.. I was invited to listen to it by Richard, a new friend that I came across on another forum. We spent 4 hours listening to a wide range of music from Dire Straits to Norah Jones, Paul Simon to Roxy Music, Bruce Springsteen to Jennifer Warnes, Sade to many, many others. It handled it all effortlessly and sounded superb.
The Stack Soprano LP12 was fitted with a Supatrac Blackbird tonearm and DV XX2 mk2v cartridge along with a Lingo4 PSU. It was powered via a Rega Osiris integrated amplifier into Shahinnian Obelisk speakers.
I was also very impressed with the build quality of the Soprano LP12, it looked amazing.
As many of you already know, my own LP12 has many Stack Alto parts fitted and so it was very interesting to explore and listen to the Soprano. It certainly lived up to my expectations and coupled with the amp and speakers mentioned earlier it produced an extremely open and natural soundstage.
The bass and handling of the bass was outstanding, the midrange and highs were simply delightful. It was a system that simply made the smiles listening to it bigger and bigger.
From a construction point of view, IMHO the Soprano LP12 must rank as one of the the very best LP12 foundations that money can buy.
So just a quick heads up on my initial thoughts and a big well done to Theo for a remarkable product.”


All Soprano LP12 upgrades in a comprehensive package

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