Soprano Cross-brace B stock


Soprano Cross-brace B stock

This was an original prototype. Everything works perfectly. The Soprano Cross-brace is machined from a solid aluminium billet and incorporates Stack Audio’s rigid hexagonal pattern. It stiffens the plinth and reduces the effects of masking vibrations.

The cross-brace is also the mounting bracket for internal power supplies and connector boards for external power supplies. The Soprano Cross-brace helps isolate the oscillators in internal power supplies from vibration. Removing vibration at this point helps the power supply provide more accurate control of motor timing.

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Cross-brace machined from aluminium with added AVDC technology


  • Machined from a single aluminium billet for a truly rigid structure
  • Utilises Stack Audio’s hexagonal design for further structural strength
  • AVDC insert for vibration control
  • Compatible with Valhalla, Hercules and all Lingo power supplies
  • Easy to remove rubber mounts for Valhalla power supplies add extra isolation
  • Comes with necessary fixings and is compatible with all existing LP12s
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