Soprano Baseboard

The Soprano Baseboard is designed to provide the highest level of rigidity, precision, and vibration isolation for the LP12, revealing hidden musicality.

Machined from a solid aluminium billet, the Soprano Baseboard features Stack Audio’s hexagonal design to provide an extremely rigid structure. Inside the hexagonal structure are precision-cut AVDC inserts, designed to trap masking vibrations that are present throughout the LP12.

The feet comprise of three precision-machined aluminium sections incorporating AUVA patent-pending technology. Each foot has a fine pitch thread for true precise adjustments

Useful duties & shipping information can be found here. *All SOPRANO products are built to order.
  • Hexagonal structure for maximum rigidity
  • Hexagonal AVDC inserts located exactly to dissipate masking
  • Access holes for spring height adjustment
  • Removable cover for access to the arm cable
  • 3 multi-layer aluminium feet incorporating AUVA technology
  • Fine pitch threads for precise height adjustment
  • Fits flush to the bottom of the plinth and lines up with existing screw holes
  • Comes with necessary fixings and is compatible with all existing LP12s
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Machined baseboard to a honeycomb design with AVDC technology

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