Soprano All-in-one Plinth

The Soprano plinth is an all-in-one plinth and top plate, machined from one single solid billet of aluminium.

The increase in rigidity from such a strong plinth brings a whole new musical experience and look to the LP12.

The underside of the top plate section is machined with a honeycomb design for maximum rigidity and incorporates AVDC technology to trap masking vibrations.

Combining the top plate and plinth into one solid piece brings tolerances and rigidity that cannot be achieved with a conventional top plate and plinth assembly.

Useful information on duties and shipping can be found here. *All SOPRANO products are built to order.
  • All-in-one top plate and plinth machined from a solid billet of aluminium to precise tolerances
  • All critical dimensions are machined in a single operation
  • Hexagonal structure on the underside of the top plate for extreme rigidity
  • Optimally located hexagonal AVDC inserts to dissipate masking vibrations
  • Comes with all necessary fixings (spring nuts/washers, power cable restraining clip)
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All-in-one plinth and top plate machined from aluminium with added AVDC technology

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