SERENE – Top Plate Bolt Alignment Tool

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This tool makes LP12 suspensions set up easy.

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Top Plate Bolt Alignment Tool This tool makes suspensions set up easy. It is important that the bolts are rigid and perpendicular to the top plate to enable the suspension to work correctly. The TP tool is used to check if the bolt is bent. Using this tool you can then manipulate the bolt so it is perfectly straight, using the bubble to measure its straightness. This tool is not needed for the ULTIMATE top plate
  • This tool will ensure the suspension bolts are perfectly aligned
  • Precision machined here in the UK
  • NA
SAFETY NOTICE It is essential that you unplug your LP12 from the mains before beginning work. Internal power supplies like the Valhalla carry live high voltages; the on/off switch merely disconnects the motor from the power supply which is still live when connected to the mains.
  • Before the bolts are checked, you need to remove the springs and grommets. The turntable has to be level in both directions.
  • Try and fit the TP tool over the bolts.
  • If the TP tool does not fit over the bolt, the bolt is bent and needs to be replaced.
  • If the TP tool does fit over the bolt and the bubble is central the bolt is OK.
  • If the bubble is not central, support the plinth whilst bending the bolt with the TP tool until the bubble is central.
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