SERENE Sub-Chassis


The Solid Surface SERENE Sub-Chassis from Stack Audio has been refined over 4 years with a unique honeycomb design. It is an extremely organic sounding upgrade that importantly will last without warping or suffering from loose fixings. The sub-chassis is the backbone of the LP12 and is the core of the SERENE upgrades.

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The SERENE Sub-Chassis is a direct replacement for an original thin steel sub-chassis. It is a vital component that ensures the platter and arm stay properly aligned, moving together on the suspension springs. The SERENE Sub-Chassis is precision machined from Solid Surface with a honeycomb structure on the underside that adds strength and rigidity whilst keeping the weight the same. Long lasting and robust, the SERENE Sub-Chassis will not warp over time. Like all SERENE components, vibration dissipation is a key part of the design revealing more of the low-level musical information in the record groove.

  • Machined from Solid Surface and will not warp over time
  • Honeycomb structure to underside ensures mass and centre of balance work perfectly with LP12 suspension
  • Precision turned inserts for the bearing and spring attachments provide secure, long lasting rigid fixings
  • Resonates far less than metal alternatives, enhancing the organic sound of the LP12

  • Replacement for original steel sub-chassis and aluminium Majik sub-chassis
  • The SERENE Sub-Chassis can be used with all separate LP12 arm boards. However, it performs best when used with a SERENE Arm Board which is also made from Solid Surface and has threaded brass screw holes for a more secure fixing that will not loosen over time
  • Works with both a standard bearing and the Cirkus bearing (adapter supplied with all purchases)

Replacing the sub-chassis requires the removal of the baseboard, cross-brace and arm/arm board. The top plate can be left in place but the suspension springs, grommets and retaining nuts have to be removed. If re-using an existing bearing this will need to be fitted to the SERENE Sub-Chassis.

Ross B, Wales: The nice thing about the upgrades is the ease of fitting once the original parts are removed, none take longer than 30 mins and the sub-chassis allows for much easier set up of the suspension than the original. In terms of sound quality there are huge improvements, top end is clearer and more detailed and lower registers are much more defined and bass hits you in the chest! However, midrange is detailed and retains some of the ‘warmth’ that the LP12 is renowned for and something I like personally, female vocals in particular are excellent. Andrew T: The original Linn sub chassis did not resolve complex mid-range recordings such as Abba. With the Serene Sub-Chassis every word was audible and there was space between the instruments. The arm board fitted very securely and looks and feels a million dollars. Rick Becker, Enjoy The The real value of the Serene mods is in the listening experience. The increase in resolution has led to such a relaxing experience that not only do the speakers disappear (as they did previously) but the entire system disappears and I connect directly with the music.

Combine the SERENE sub-chassis with one of the Stack Audio’s SERENE Arm Boards.


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