SERENE Cross-brace & SERENE Belt

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The SERENE Cross-brace is a new design from Stack Audio, compatible with Valhalla, Hercules and all Lingo power supplies.

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SERENE Cross Brace & Belt. The SERENE Cross-brace comprises two stainless-steel plates bonded with a layer of AVDC lamination traps vibration and turns it into heat. It is attached to the front and back edges of the plinth mounting blocks adding strength and rigidity, sitting below the sub-chassis. The cross-brace is also the mounting bracket for internal power supplies such as the Valhalla and Majik, or for the connector boards for external power supplies such as the Lingo The SERENE cross-brace stiffens the plinth as well as isolating the oscillators on internal power supplies from vibration. Removing vibration at this point helps the power supply provide more accurate control of motor timing.
  • Stainless steel outer bracket with additional strengthening plate
  • AVDC laminate between two stainless steel layers for vibration dissipation
  • Supplied with 6 stand-off clips for mounting power supplies/connector boards
Fits all LP12 plinths and supports these power supplies:
  • Majik, Valhalla and Hercules internal power supplies
  • Lingo 1-3 and Naim Armageddon connector boards
  • Lingo 4 power supply board
If you’re just installing a SERENE Cross-brace this can be done from below with the LP12 on a jig. You will need to remove the baseboard and disconnect the power supply or connector board from the motor and switch and release the arm cable from the p-clip attached to the cross-brace. You can then swap the power supply over to the new cross-brace and re-fit.   SAFETY NOTICE: It is essential that you unplug your LP12 from the mains before removing the baseboard. Internal power supplies like the Valhalla carry live high voltages; the on/off switch merely disconnects the motor from the power supply which is still live when connected to the mains.
As you will be removing the baseboard to fit the cross-brace replacing it with one of our SERENE or ULTIMATE Baseboards is a very simple installation which you can do at the same time. All Stack Audio LP12 upgrades are designed to remove vibration and the benefits are cumulative.

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SERENE Top Plate
SERENE Baseboard
ULTIMATE Baseboard
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