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The SERENE Baseboard is designed to combine sonic improvements and making it simple to keep your deck set-up to sound its best. Simple to fit, this is the easiest way to sample what SERENE can do for your LP12.

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The SERENE Baseboard is constructed from 2 layers of precision cut aluminium, joined together with a layer AVDC for effective vibration dissipation. With 3 height adjustable turned aluminium and Sorbothane feet, it is a rigid and effective upgrade over standard LP12 base boards.
  • Precision cut anodised aluminum/AVDC laminate effectively dissipates vibration
  • Cut-out holes provides access to the springs and arm board fixings
  • Fits flush with the bottom of the plinth
  • 12 fixing holes for attaching to plinth (3 per side)
  • Three height adjustable aluminium and Sorbothane feet
  • Fits all plinths
  • Compatible with internal and Lingo power supplies and DC motors
  • Not compatible with Urika phono stages
Fitting the Stack Audio SERENE Baseboard is straight forward as it is a simple replacement for a standard baseboard. Depending on which Linn baseboard you are replacing you should drill pilot holes in the edge of the plinth for the additional fixings. The original fibre LP12 baseboards have 4 fixing holes; metal Linn baseboards have 10 screw fixing holes. The SERENE Baseboard has 12 holes, 3 on each side.   Connect the earth cable to the cross-brace mounting point before fixing the board in place and check to make sure you haven’t disturbed the arm cable. It is important that this should not touch the baseboard.   Once fixed into the plinth, screw the 3 height adjustable feet into the threaded holes on the underside and level on your equipment rack or playing surface. SAFETY NOTICE It is essential that you unplug your LP12 from the mains before removing the baseboard. Internal power supplies like the Valhalla carry live high voltages; the on/off switch merely disconnects the motor from the power supply which is still live when connected to the mains.
Rick Becker,   The effect of the SERENE Base Board was immediately noticed in the clapping of the audience leading into the first song when I lowered the tonearm, even though I was positioned behind the right speaker. Further listening through the evening into Valentine’s Day confirmed my instantaneous impression that you’ve got a real winner.   Winner of a 2019 Enjoy the Blue Note award:
Installing the SERENE Cross-brace whilst the baseboard removed is an affordable upgrade that provides cumulative sonic benefits by helping internal power supplies provide more accurate control of motor timing as well as stiffening the plinth. For even greater benefits and superior feet, consider fitting the Stack Audio ULTIMATE Baseboard instead of SERENE.

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SERENE Baseboard
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