Platform B stock + B stock Tenor baseboard


Platform B stock + B stock Tenor baseboard

These Platforms did not meet the tolerance spec. The part is slightly warped but the warp is not visible when the deck is on. This should not affect the performance as the three points upon which the top plate rests are within spec.

The SERENE platform is a new foundation for the LP12. Designed to work with all the SERENE baseboards, it completes a unique system focussed on vibration dissipation – letting LP12s sound they’re very best. Soprano baseboards with 3 metal spikes. The platform, feet and connecting spikes are designed to prevent vibration travelling up into the deck from external sources.

Images shown with an LP12 are for illustrative purposes only. B stock Tenor baseboard included. Useful information on duties and shipping can be found here.


Precision machined isolation platform for the LP12, sold with the Tenor baseboard.


  • Machined from solid aluminium billet with a layer of AVDC
  • 3 multi-layer aluminium feet incorporating AVDC with micro custom threads for perfect levelling
  • Built-in precise central spirit level for checking the platform position
  • Occupies the same footprint as the LP12 and integrates visually with the tapered lower edge of the plinth
  • Black anodised finish
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