LINK Linear PSU 18v 1.5amp


18v 1.5amp Linear PSU for the LINK and LINK II Digital Network Bridge.

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Stack Audio is happy to announce that the LINK PSU is now ready and available to order. The PSU has taken over a year of intense and extensive development. Great attention to detail has been taken in every aspect of the power supply be that from the component selection and electrical design through to eliminating vibration. Why a linear power supply? Switching mode power supplies produce ‘noise’ which is typically transmitted as a high-frequency waveform that can mask and distort the actual information package (digital signal). This noise is unwanted energy that easily migrates onto parts of the circuit where it’s not wanted. The LINK and LINK II has extensive regulation and re-clocking circuits to do just this. Avoiding the introduction of power supply noise in the first place makes life easier for the LINK’s circuits which are also working on cleaning the input signal from the source components such as PCs, laptops and local network drives. Current offer: £350 when purchased with a LINK II.  
  • UK made precision wound Toroidal transformer
  • Audio grade capacitors
  • Noise suppression filters on both the output and input signal
  • Precision machined aluminium enclosure
  • Transformers vibrate. Vibration adds distortion. The LINK PSU uses an elevated AVDC (advanced vibration dispation) platform to eliminate vibration
  • Better isolation from the mains
  • High quality connectors
  AC Input   100-120V AC 50-60hz 50va   220-240v AC 50-60hz 50va   DC Output   18v 1.5amp    
Chris S, UK Having owned the Link Streaming Bridge for just over a year I decided to audition the in house designed LPSU that Theo Stack has released to pair with the Link. The LPSU really does take the Link to a new, higher level. With the LPSU and streaming to my Chord Hugo TT2 the soundstage is deeper and wider and if, say, listening to a full orchestral piece, instruments are more layered and focused. Bass notes are tighter and provide a more solid sounding foundation.. At the same time mid and high notes sound totally natural and detailed. Vocals particularly benefit from this No annoying sibilance, just a purity and clarity of tone. Listening to solo piano, whether classical or jazz, there is improved timbre with all the subtleties of the quietest notes revealed, and at the same time dynamic peaks realistic and under control. I would say that all instruments seem to have more presence and space around them.   Of course you will need a revealing system to get the maximum benefits and none of this is to say that the Link Streaming Bridge with the supplied power supply is not an excellent product in its own right. However if you are an existing owner or considering purchasing the Link I would thoroughly recommend auditioning the new LPSU.