B Tenor Sub Chassis + B Baseboard Bundle


B Tenor Sub Chassis + B Baseboard Bundle

Stack Audio Tenor Sub-Chassis and Baseboard for the LINN Sondek LP12. This bundle comprises a Stack Audio Tenor Baseboard along with a Tenor Sub-chassis. This set is is a perfect way to bring the best out of your LP12.

The Tenor Baseboard is a rigid and effective upgrade for your LP12, combining sonic improvements with making it easier to keep your deck sounding its best.

It is constructed from two layers of precision-cut aluminium joined together by a layer of AVDC for fast-acting vibration dissipation, enhancing musicality.

With 3 height-adjustable feet for precise levelling, the Tenor Baseboard makes setting up your LP12 on its stand or shelf easy.

The Tenor Sub-Chassis is precision machined from a solid billet of aluminium. This is not only stronger than the original folded steel LP12 sub-chassis but flatter and made to tighter tolerances. The Tenor Sub-Chassis incorporates an AVDC insert for fast vibration dissipation, revealing more musical detail.
Turntable not included.
Each item has minor marks, these are purely visual and will in no way impact the sonic performance upgrade that the items provide


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This bundle comprises a B-stock Tenor Sub-Chassis and a Tenor Baseboard.

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