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The AUVA Equipment Isolator synergizes two distinct vibration-absorbing technologies: AUVA and CSA, working together in perfect tandem to achieve unparalleled Isolation performance. The rigid machined aluminium shell of the AUVA EQ is designed to sit underneath the piece of Hi-Fi equipment in direct contact with the case. The silicone absorber sits on the hi-fi shelf or rack. As such, the case of the Hi-Fi equipment is directly coupled with the AUVA chamber of the EQ but de-couple from the Hi-Fi shelf via the CSA suspension.

The Custom Silicone Absorber is specifically formulated to absorb high levels of external vibration including room reflections and reverberation that can be transmitted up through HiFi racks. The CSA is height adjustable and comes in 3 versions to work optimally with different weights of equipment:

Optimal load (per foot)

  • CSA 1: 0-4kg, (0-9lbs)
  • CSA 2: 4-10kg (9-22lbs)
  • CSA 3: 10-15kg (22-33lbs)

All weights are per isolator, divide the weight of your HiFi by the number of isolators you will be using to ascertain which CSA insert you will require. For example, a 15kg amp using 3 Isolators would be 15/3 = 5kg (CSA 2).

All AUVA products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here.

  • Diameter: 50mm Height: 28mm Weight per isolator: 100g
  • Works with the majority of HiFi equipment (0.3-45kg)
  • AUVA Particle Impact Damping tech works across a broad frequency range.
  • CSA specifically formulated to absorb high levels of external vibration.
  • Enhanced soundstage, clearer vocals and high notes.
  • Comes with 30-day money-back guarantee.
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AUVA Equipment Isolator

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