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The Stack Audio AUVA 100 is a speaker isolator that enhances the clarity and timing of musical notes by securely holding your loudspeakers and dissipating vibrations through its five precisely calibrated AUVA cells. The isolator can be used on both hard floors and carpets, and attaches to speakers via the included threaded adapters and felt pads for hard floor surfaces. The AUVA 100 is compatible with both stand-mount and floor-standing speakers and improves your listening experience by eliminating unwanted vibrations, revealing a more natural timbre and texture in your music.
  • 4 x AUVA 100
  • 4 x M8 thumb nuts
  • 4 x Thumb nuts (thread size specific)
  • 4 x Fixing adapters (thread size specific)
  • 12 x carpet spikes
  • 4 x Felt disks for hard floors
  • 2 x complementary DeoxIT wipes for cleaning speaker connections
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  • UK made precision wound Toroidal transformer
  • Nichicon Audio grade capacitors
  • Designed and manufactured here in the UK
  • 5 tuned AUVA cells for broadband vibration absorption
  • Works on both hard floors and carpets
  • Ensures the rigidity and stability of the loudspeaker position, preventing loss of sound stage detail through multi-axis movements
  • Absorbs speaker cabinet vibrations reducing floor radiations that amplify the bass and feed back to hi-fi electronics
  • Absorbs room boundary vibrations from reflected soundwaves and prevents them passing back up to the loudspeakers
  • More defined bass, clearer vocals and high notes, and a more distinct sound stage
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Set Quantity REQ
8 (2 x Set of 4) 8 (2 x Set of 4)
Adapter REQ
M8-1.25 M6-1.0 M8-1.25 M10-1.5 M12-1.75 M14-2.0 None of the above or not sure
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AUVA 100 speaker isolator

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