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Alto Top Plate


The SERENE LP12 Top Plate is a direct replacement for the standard top plate, engineered to fit precisely.

The top plate is the most interconnected part of the LP12. Thin top plates act like kites and are subject to both internal and external vibrations. Upgrading this component is a key part of any major overhaul of an LP12.

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The Alto Top Plate is machined from high grade brushed stainless steel and is a direct replacement for the LP12 top plate. Bonded to the underside with AVDC is a recessed 1.5mm frame which ensures the top plate is less prone to warping, is more rigid and sits flush with the plinth. The Alto Top Plate is twice as thick and much stiffer than the original. It provides much more robust alignment of the spring retaining bolts that is fundamental to the long-term performance of the deck The aim is the immediate dissipation of vibration – it allows the pure, undistorted, signal from the stylus to be heard.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish to top surface, maintains trandional LP12 look
  • Twin-layer construction, made from steel and aluminium
  • AVDC bonding layer for vibration dissipation
  • Supplied with 3 spring bolts, 3 mounting bolts, lock nuts and washers
  • Threaded insert for concealed motor corner mounting
  • Motor switch cut-out
  • Fits all plinths
  • Compatible with AC and DC motors
Replacing the top plate requires a full strip down and re-build of the LP12. This is an opportunity to check the condition of all components and service or upgrade them as necessary. A professional strip and re-build typically takes between 2 and 3 hours. Stack Audio’s approved dealers can carry out this service as well as all trained LP12 service engineers. SAFETY NOTICE It is essential that you unplug your LP12 from the mains before beginning work. Internal power supplies like the Valhalla carry live high voltages; the on/off switch merely disconnects the motor from the power supply which is still live when connected to the mains
Chris Kelly, Comparing standard LP12 to SERENE Full Set:   Within a few short minutes I felt that I had moved into a much more grown up world of sound. The bare LP12 had acquitted itself well, but the Serene equipped one had a much more solid, three-dimensional sound signature. Crucially it drew me into the music far more than the standard one, and I found three hours had elapsed in my first listening session with no sense of fatigue on my part. It was surprisingly close to the performance of my own much more expensively equipped LP12.
As a complete re-build is required this is the best opportunity to consider installing other Stack Audio LP12 upgrades. As the improvements in sound quality are cumulative, we would recommend you consider either SERENE Full Set for the full benefit or the Structure Set which adds the SERENE Baseboard and Cross-brace.

Available in Sets

Platform Set Structure Set Full Set ULTIMATE Structure Set ULTIMATE Full Set
SERENE Top Plate
SERENE Baseboard
ULTIMATE Baseboard
Arm Board
Cross Brace