Alto Full Set

The Alto Full Set is a significant upgrade package for the LP12, bringing out more musicality that was once hidden. More music, more realism, more emotion.

The solid machined Alto Top Plate ensures ideal spring alignment maintaining the suspension setup whilst the Baseboard add significant rigidity. The combination of the Alto Sub-chassis and the Armboard enables the bearing and cartridge to perform at its best. All Alto components contain AVDC helping to remove masking vibrations – internal, external, and air-borne.

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here. We are currently advising a one-week lead time on all Alto products.  
  • Alto set comprises: Top Plate, Sub-chassis, Armboard and Baseboard
  • Alto components are machined from high-grade aluminium and precision cut steel, adding precision and rigidity to your LP12
  • All components incorporate AVDC technology
  • Supplied with Precision Location Rods for the armboard and sub-chassis
  • Available with Linn, Linn Ittok, Rega, Rega 3-point, Naim and SME arm mounts
  • Comes with all necessary fixings
  • Compatible with all existing LP12s
  • Serene Belt included with Alto Full Set purchase
Mohd N - Malaysia


“I hit a Jackpot with Serene Alto full set..! Here is a little story on that one: 1) I’ve been a vinyl man since college days, having an antique 1983 LP12, stock & standard, always thinking that an upgrade on L INN gadget would cost me a fortune until.. 2) The C19 pandemic struck the world, forcing almost continuous home-staying for months & reading HiFi reviews from the net became a close friend of mine again, and an article on Stack Audio upgrades on LP12 was very engaging, yes.. that’s it, no auditions, no visual or live demo.. just words and pictures that gets me started on the upgrade journey. 3) A short note to Stack Audio & before you know it, the man himself (Theo) responded positively.. a full Serene Alto Set was received in no time.. 4) Took me 2 days, devoting my skills to get them fitted.. & what a package, perfect fitment, nice visuals & absolutely happy with the product… the results – vinyl rules again in my system, the Wadia S7i and CD5XS have to wait in line for now.. 5) Cleaner sound, love the bass, vocals, staging and many more.. I am not good at describing the sound in words but very highly and commanding sound combinations.. love it all, never had i thought of getting this results from my set up. 6) greatly recommend to those who are thinking about extracting & improving music re-creation from their old & tired LP12, without robbing the bank. 7) System set-up: Full set Serene Alto upgrade Lp12, Ittok Iv2, Denon 304 cart, Rouge Audio phono-stage, LS25 pre, Triangle Art ref valves mono-blocks & Thiel CS3.6 & of course being back up by Wadia S7i and CD5XS when I plan sit on the couch for a while… enjoy the music and stay safe from C19 guys!”


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All Alto LP12 upgrades in one package

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