Alto Cross-brace

Alto Cross-brace

The Alto Cross-brace comprises two stainless-steel plates bonded with a layer of AVDC helping to further stiffen the plinth and reducing the effects of masking vibrations. The cross-brace is also the mounting bracket for internal power supplies and connector boards for external power supplies.

The Alto Cross-brace helps isolate the oscillators in internal power supplies from vibration. Removing vibration at this point can help the power supply provide more accurate control of motor timing.

This comes as part of our full Alto Set which you can find here: Alto Set


Stainless-steel cross-brace incorporating AVDC technology

90 day money back guarantee

  • Stainless steel outer bracket with additional strengthening plate
  • AVDC laminate between two stainless steel layers for vibration dissipation
  • Supplied with 6 stand-off clips for mounting power supplies/connector boards
  • Compatible with Valhalla, Hercules and all Lingo power supplies
  • Comes with necessary fixings and is compatible with all existing LP12s
Adrian G - Purchased with Sub-Chassis and Armboard


“Hi Theo, just some feedback: I have finished rebuilding my LP12 and it includes an Alto Sub-Chassis, Cross Brace and Serene arm board. The results are amazing. I have to say my wife and I run a precision engineering company in Southampton and specialised in machining aluminium and titanium. So I think I am a good judge of your products and they are well made and very competitive, the LINN keel is just ridiculous as there’s no more than two hours machine time. Keep up the good work and allow us to keep those vintage decks sounding great.”

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