Alto Armboard

The Alto Armboard is a direct replacement for the standard LP12 Armboard and is machined from solid aluminium.

It includes the same honeycomb structure as the sub-chassis to ensure that it is of a perfect mass whilst remaining extremely rigid. Inside sections of the hexagonal structure are AVDC inserts to remove any masking vibrations that could feed back to the cartridge, allowing your deck to reveal hidden detail.

When coupled with the Alto Sub-chassis, the Armboard uses two precision location rods that are machined to a tight tolerance, ensuring a constant and precise alignment with the Alto Sub-chassis.

Useful duty and shipping information can be found here. *We are currently advising a one-week lead time on all ALTO products.  
  • Engineered to maintain the same mass and centre of gravity as achieved with an all-in-one sub-chassis and armboard
  • Hexagonal shapes ensure extremely rigid support to the tonearm
  • Critical dimensions are machined in a single operation
  • Includes precision location rods when purchased with the Alto Sub-chassis
  • Compatible with standard Linn sub-chassis such as the Majik and previous generation SERENE sub-chassis
  • Comes with necessary fixings
  • Available with Linn, Linn Ittok, Rega, Rega 3-point, Naim and SME arm mounts
Paul S - Purchased with Alto Sub-Chassis


“Brilliant Stack Audio Alto chassis and arm-board!
A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of the new Alto sub-chassis and Armboard and duly installed it over the weekend (see pics). I had been eagerly awaiting this, since Theo informed me last year that he was upgrading the design from the existing Serene chassis and Armboard available at the time. I had previously upgraded my LP12 with a Serene top-plate, cross brace and ultimate baseboard, and was very impressed with the improvement in sonics (cleaned up midrange, deeper, tighter base and clearer treble) but nothing could have prepared me for the depth of improvement that the new Alto chassis and armboard have brough to my LP12, originally fitted with a Majik chassis and Karousel bearing.
What really struck me is that the bass is now incredibly tight – it’s almost as though it’s going an octave lower, with a phenomenal impact and solidity. Any percussive instrument (including piano) has a heightened sense of attack, and in rhythmically complex passages I can hear the individual elements of rhythm more clearly, and the sense of timing now seems incredibly precise. For the midrange, any hint of congestion is simply gone. Brass or woodwind instruments (esp. saxophone) now sound wonderfully clear, with a vibrancy that simply wasn’t there before, with a complete absence of glare or brightness to their sound. As for the treble, this is where I had the biggest surprise – I had always thought the treble was clear and sweet, but now there is noticeably more detail and crispness, and I can clearly hear the metallic bite of a cymbal strike, with all the harmonics still there with a completely “natural” sound character that is not bright or harsh – just totally realistic with heightened sense of the instrument’s position. I would say the overall effect is that instruments can now not only be much more precisely located L to R in the stereo image, but also their sonic image itself is sharper, with more depth and clear location front to back. As a general impression, the sound has more energy right across the frequency spectrum, and there is an immediacy to the sound, where I now get an uncanny sense of the real, live musician playing the instrument in my living room e.g I can clearly hear their breath intake on vocals, or the “air pressure” from the instrument itself, especially the trumpet or a kick-drum. For example, I listened to my Analogue Productions version of Hugh Masekela’s “Hope” album, – with the Alto chassis/armboard it simply makes the experience of listening so much more immersive, with a heightened sense of being being in the acoustic space of the live event, and the realism and impact imparted on this amazing performance is wonderful. I just can’t stop listening to it!
So, overall an unqualified success I would say and incredible value for money – a big step up from the standard Majik chassis (for less dosh than a Linn Kore), and I find it hard to imagine how much more improvement could be further be achieved within the confines of my existing set-up. I have a Hana ML cartridge, Audio Origami PU7 arm and Origin Live DC motor drive fitted to my Linn. For my electronics, I use a Musical Fidelity MX-VINYL phono pre-amp in fully balanced mode, a Lyngdorf TDAI-2700 amp with the audiophile analogue input module (has the XLR inputs) fitted, driving Kudos Cardea C30 floor-standing speakers via Audioquest solid core speaker cable. XLR tonearm cable and interconnects are silver star-quad cables custom made by Yannis Tome.”
Alun R - purchased with Alto Sub-Chassis and Cross brace


“Well, the Stack Audio “wizardry is now complete, along with a bit of fitting magic from my trusty local Linn Dealer.

New Stack Alto Sub-Chassis, Arm-board and Cross-brace. I was very impressed with the quality of the new parts and I was very impressed in how it now sounded. My local LINN dealer also felt exactly the same way as I did. He also said that the new Alto parts were of exceptional quality, excellent to work with and to fit.

These new Stack Audio Alto parts replace what were previously very early Stack Audio Serene parts made out of Solid Surface material apart from the cross-brace, which was acrylic. those earlier parts were also of very good quality, by the way.

I am extremely happy with how these new Stack Audio Alto parts compliment many other key components of my LINN Sondek LP12. I have also retained the Stack Audio Ultimate Baseboard, fitted in 2017. Together these Stack Audio components provide a very solid foundation to my LP12. This allows the Karousel bearing, Audio Origami PU7 tonearm and Dynavector DV 20x2L cartridge to extract the musicality from the grooves of the record more than I had experienced before.

So how does it sound now? Quite superb to be honest. The bass seems a little deeper, a little more defined and the whole soundstage just seems a little bit cleared too. Trebles are that bit brighter. Vocals are clear, warm and very engaging. Overall the deck sounds very musical indeed. It just feels as if all the artists are in the room.

“The music sounds just like it really ought to”

I can most certainly highly recommend these new Stack Audio components, which I feel offer super quality and performance and extremely good value for money.”

Dan P - UK


“The improvement in sound is quite stunning. I played a favourite 80’s album to my wife and she swears I went out and bought a new copy! The improvement in detail, more controlled bass & cleaned up vocals has brought my mid 80’s Linn Sondek into the 21st century. I now can’t wait to spin another album.”


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Machined aluminium armboard incorporating AVDC technology

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