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The SERENE Arm Board is a direct replacement for any laminated LP12 arm board. The SERENE Arm Board is machined from Solid Surface and comes with threaded brass inserts for attaching to the sub-chassis. It is available with arm cut-outs to suit most tonearms fitted to LP12s.

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Stack Audio’s aim with the SERENE LP12 upgrades was to enable secure fixings and permanent alignment between the sub-chassis and separate arm boards. To overcome the issue with the simple self-tapping screws in the standard MDF arm board, the SERENE Arm Boards are made from Solid Surface and use threaded metal inserts. These ensure that the arm board has a secure connection with either a standard sub-chassis or the SERENE Sub-Chassis. The SERENE Arm Board can be removed and re-attached without deteriorating the thread and compromising the long-term quality of the connection. The underside is hollowed out to ensure a perfect centre of gravity and minimal but secure contact with the sub-chassis.   Like all SERENE components, vibration dissipation is a key part of the design. Removal of the vibrations at final point of contact with tonearm ensures the SERENE Arm Board lets your preferred arm reveal more detail and more focus. Reflecting their musical performance, SERENE LP12 Arm Boards are polished to a high gloss piano black finish.
  • Machined from rigid Solid Surface and polished to a high gloss piano black finish
  • Recessed underside to ensure perfect centre of gravity and minimal but secure contact with the sub-chassis
  • Fits original sub-chassis as well as SERENE Sub-Chassis and others
  • Metal threaded inserts for a secure fixing; comes with stainless steel fixing screws
  • SERENE SME and Rega 3 point Arm Boards also use threaded brass inserts for the arm fixings enabling the tonearm to be bolted to the board directly without a nut
  • Replacement for any laminated LP12 arm board
  • Can be attached to SERENE and any separate sub-chassis (not compatible with Kore or Keel sub-chassis)
  • Designed to complement and work at its best with SERENE Sub-Chassis
  • Available with Linn/Ittok, Rega, Rega 3 point, and SME arm mountings
If simply attaching a SERENE Arm Board to an existing sub-chassis this can be done without dismantling the LP12. The baseboard will have to be removed and the arm cable and mounting detached. After fitting the new arm board the suspension will have to be re-checked for height and bounce.   If a SERENE sub-chassis is being installed at the same time more extensive. Replacing the sub-chassis requires the removal of the baseboard, cross-brace and arm/arm board (see separate installation instructions).
Robert J (USA): Arm Board The first thing that becomes instantly apparent on receipt of the Serene arm board, is that the exceptionally high quality of its finish and functionality has been the primary focus in its design and build, from its inception to the final product the love of the music has shone through. The three brass inserts allow a faultless connection between the sub-chassis and the arm board, bettering many offerings at up to five times this price point, and dare I say it, giving some well known extremely high end one piece solutions something to think about   With many LP12 upgrades of this nature the overall dynamics of the sound improvements are often subjective and easily overrated, however on this occasion I believe you can instantly experience a vast improvement over the original arm board.   Further Upgrades   Combine the SERENE Arm Board with Stack Audio’s SERENE Sub-Chassis. Additionally, a SERENE or ULTIMATE Base Board is a very simple installation which you can do at the same time – the baseboard has to be removed to gain access to the arm board fixings. All Stack Audio LP12 upgrades are designed to remove vibration and the benefits are cumulative.

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