Preben D. – Sweden

“In my setup, the SL is shockingly good..

Like cream in the sauce, the invisible glue in the seamless texture or the blessings of all things being perfectly matched up!

My overall thoughts are that I am for the first time able to hear the full potential of my very capably setup and how wonderful it in fact can sound. I am all into streaming but quite sensitive to artefacts in audio which is aggravated with some tinnitus problems. Seemingly the SL has cleaned up an unforeseen amounts of artefacts derived from the digital domain, eliminating burdensome sibilance and fatiguing edginess. Now these distortions are out of the way, it is a bit like night and day here, because I now am going from somewhat restricted listening of music to enjoying playing music in long sessions and keep coming back for more! Guess I just fancy music in raw volumes when it is just right.

I am absolutely enchanted by the SmoothLAN and am very grateful to Stack Audio for making exquisite audio products.”

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