Paul Rigby (The Audiophile Man) recently awarded the AUVA EQs a 9/10.

I grabbed my copy of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and tested these feet underneath my Audiolab 6000CDT CD transport with the track, In the Flesh. I also supported my HiFi on a very nice Blue Horizon shelving unit which already features isolation features within. So the AUVA EQs had a fight on their hands to be noticed at all. 

Well, even after a couple of seconds, I could hear that it was winning that fight because what hit me immediately was how organised the music sounded with the AUVA EQ feet in place. The stereo image itself was the big deal here. Without the feet, the stereo image wandered all over the place. Then, the image itself was fuzzy and indistinct. With the feet, that stereo image was fixed, locked straight ahead.

Bass sounded wider with the feet added. There was a cavernous sound at the bottom end now while a crazy, freak-out Hammond organ on the left channel no had more space to perform and thus occupied more room in the mix. Vocal harmonies sounded more like a group of voices rather than a single block of noise while the rhythm guitar offered a more complex response now.”

Read his full review by clicking here.    


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