Nige H. – Germany

Product: AUVA 100

Setup: AN (UK) M6 RIAA, AN Tomei (Special), AN E Spe HE Signature The Lead Speakers, AN silver based cables. Audio Consulting Isolation Mains Transformer.

“So, to be honest on first impressions, I like the improvement but did wonder if it was enough given the cost, and would even say I may have considered a return to the Gaia’s. I also had to take into consideration that I’d had to alter the speaker position slightly as AUVA 100’s are much bigger than the Gaia’s, but overall I like them but wasn’t overly ‘wowed’ by them.

But, as in all things, time tells and as I had the chance to spend more time listening, then things seemed to gradually improve, building on the overall first ‘OK/Good’ impressions I had. So my current thoughts are, that the AUVAs really add a sense of space & depth (darker background) for the music to flow from. There is greater dimension overall and the tonal presentation is more refined.

I’ve also been able to hear more of a difference on a IC cable change I threw in for good measure.”


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