Neil M. – Bangkok

Product: AUVA 100

I am very happy with the isolators. They are very nicely manufactured & finished. The felt pads/rings seem to entirely sufficient to protect my floor, allow the speakers to be easily manipulated into position and give the speakers adequate support & isolation.
As for the sound – the difference is immediately apparent. Rise & decay time of notes are much faster, everything is cleaner or clearer. Vocals seem to have an added degree of intelligibility. Bass notes are cleaner, tighter too.
I am currently listening to Bob Marley Exodus (the album) I decided to listen to this for bass quality but what has surprised me is the quality of the highs. The intelligibility of cymbals & highs of all kinds far surpasses anything I remember hearing on this album before.
One of the first impressions I got, along with the speed of rise & decay times, was that the music had lost a certain relaxed quality and gained a certain brightness or stridency, not enough to make it fatiguing but there nevertheless. Day two, and that impression has dissipated. I still have the added clarity but the impression of stridency has gone. It is not hard to make Leonard Cohen sound relaxed but nevertheless he sounds as relaxed as ever.
Ry Cooder’s paradise & lunch, played for Ry’s gorgeous guitar is now impressing me with the quality of the bass, much tighter & cleaner than I remember. The guitar sound is just pristine.
I have attached a photo of my little system. The diffusers behind the speakers are a recent addition, only a couple of months. What was there before it was a bit home made & made the sound a bit over damped.
With nothing behind, the sound, with anything but the simplest music, would be hopelessly confused.
I now get a proper wide, deep & high soundstage, within which, the isolators have added clarity.
Anyway, don’t want to go on too much, I’m very happy with the AUVA100.”

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