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Radoslav K. – Slovakia

“Noticeable improvement over the GAIAs. As if everything was cleared, all frequencies. Most notably the bass, which is less boomy. Even the mids are more organized.”

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Kevin B. – UK

“Pleased to say the EQs were delivered last week and they have since been installed and doing a great job. Size-wise and finish-wise, they are a perfect match. They have also rectified the vibration issue so I am more than happy.”

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Klaus B. – Germany

“Using the EQs with the Oppo and TT resulted in improvements which were clearly audible and essential. It sounded as if the musicians were present in the room!”

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Ted S. – USA

“All the descriptors that Hans Beekhuyzen used are there. But what I personally found different was a relaxing of my brain. I was listening to the music instead of analyzing the music.”

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Havard D. – Norway

“Immediately I noticed more separation, or focus, as Chesky Records say. Individual instruments were easier to hear, but also background vocalists.”

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