Martin M. – USA

“The AUVA EQs came double boxed and the product was attractively packaged in a box made for the component with each Isolater in its own foam insert. The AUVAs were placed underneath my Audiolab 7000 CDT…and were A/B compared on that CDT against isoAccoustics ‘Bronce” isolation. The AUVAs provided a deeper “blackness” around each voice be it a vocal,solo instrumental’ solo electronic,chamber group, or full orchestral.The AUVAs therefore did not change the soundstage but provided “cleaner” isolation of a voice or voices.A greater “sense” of the actual recorded ambience was apparent.The “blackness” of background also provided slightly more realistic depth, more precise bass, and cleaner treble. The media types listened to were Clasical, EDM, soundtrack, pop/rock,big band,and both male and female vocal. I would, at once, recommend the AUVAs to anyone who is a critical listener. They will be well worth the investment.”

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