Alan Sircom reviews the SmoothLAN in the March edition of Hi-Fi+

Alan Sircom recently published his review of the SmoothLAN in the March edition of Hi-Fi+.

“So the question is, does the SmoothLAN justify its place between the switch and the network player? Absolutely. It’s one of the best at a price that should say otherwise. It doesn’t matter if the switch is a generic model or something fine and ‘spendy’… it helps focus the music by keeping the noisy switch at arm’s length from the parts of the system that find that noise hard to deal with. Given I’ve used network cleaner-uppers that cost a lot more than the £240 price tag of the SmoothLAN that bring no more to the network table, it’s an easy product to recommend people looking to take the next step in their audio streaming journey.”

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