HighFidelity Magazine review the AUVA EQs

Highfidelity Magazine recently published a review of our AUVA EQs, experimenting with them under several pieces of Hi-Fi & the beautiful Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary turntable which they found to be a exceptional pairing.

“Roy Gandy, Rega’s owner and chief designer, has his own ideas about turntable construction. One of them is the use of rather simple feet based on soft materials. And it works, even works great. planar models were listened to in their “microcosm” in the design phase and everything internally “plays” in them. Therefore, adding better feet to them often changes the sound, but rarely for the better.

It was different with the AUVA EQ. Sound became more three-dimensional with them, more “present”, and most importantly soundstage depth, as well as the depth of sounds themselves, significantly improved.”


Read more here: https://highfidelity.pl/@main-1332&lang=en

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