Gary Q. – Ireland

“I am happy as I said before, I have more confidence my heavy floorstanding speakers are more seated and Isolated. Playing Nirvana’s in Utero 30th Anniversary pressing, I feel my speakers are seperated to everything else. Bass and tone has been promoted more. Detail has been finely polished in terms of mids and clashing highs on this raucous rock classic and crisp and clean and not feathered or wispy.

The pressing is incredible but credit is due to the final enhancement with these Isolation feet. There are tonnes of elements I have added, tweaked, tuned and invested in to make sure what come from those record grooves is honest and not polluted by anything. The Stack Audio AUVA 50 feet are a great addition to my system, that my arrogance will prevail unforgivingly when I say, is now an absolutely amazing experience making music more studio realistic every time.”

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